Essay Victims versus Creators

Essay Victims versus Creators

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Playing the victim in various situations is far from difficult. Victims have a tendency to sit back and watch their life fall to pieces. A victim is someone who blames others that predict defeat and also gives up. For example, in the article, “Do you think like a victim or a creator,” “what the first student had said – “it wasn’t my fault, it was the bookstore’s fault” – was, indeed, true. However, it was not helpful to her cause. At the end of the day, she did not achieve her goal (obtaining the book).” (David Marman) This person pertains to a victim because she gave a false statement that cannot achieve her goal. Being a creator can be tough also but enables you to change the direction in which your life is headed. A creator asks questions pertaining to how to accomplish their goals, which think positively, and look for a better choice. For example, in the article, “Do you think like a victim or a creator,” “the second student did not ask “Whose fault is it I don’t have the book?” but instead asked “What can I do to get the text I need?”. When her first answer did not lead her to her goal, she asked the question again, and again, until she finally achieved her goal.” (David Marman) This person pertained to a creator because she thought of ways to achieve her goal instead of blaming others for the situation. The idea of the creator and victim was coined by Dr. Skip Downing. If you think like a creator, you can succeed in anything. If I think like a creator, I can accomplish my goals of succeeding in college, along with succeeding in life as well.
My mother is someone I think of as a victim because the beginning of school year; my assistant principal, Mrs. Rungee, informed my parents and me to fill out my financial aid. The finan...

... middle of paper ...

...nt to have when achieving success in life. I learned how to really think deep about problems or issues that I have. Everyone can succeed by using the role of being a creator. I believe that if anyone attended college they should take college success strategies because it helped me become the positive person I am today. For me being a creator, made a big impact on me and my inspiration in life.

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