Values Reflection : My Core Values Essay

Values Reflection : My Core Values Essay

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Values Reflection

Although there will always be endless and countless challenges, I will undoubtedly overcome it through my values that I have gained from my past experiences. Throughout my life, I met people who did not have second thoughts of helping me, and I would not be where I am now without their help and support. Two of my four core values, which correlates, are caring and community involvement, because I believe that everyone will need help at some point in life, and it always feels good to give back, not just to the people who helped me, but also when being involved in the community as I know that I am making a difference. Caring for others, not just thinking of myself, gives me a sense of fulfillment, which is my top core value. In my opinion, everyone does something because of motivations, but eventually, it leads to a sense of fulfillment. My second-ranked core value, which is risk-taking, correlates to my other core values as well. In particular, I cannot have a personal fulfillment unless I take risks. Even though I should not take advantage of all the opportunities that comes to me, in my perspective, I have to take certain risks even if it may be good or bad, as long as it is feasible. Even though trying new things and taking risks are nerve-wracking, it opens up new opportunities and helps me develop my skills and grow personally and professionally. The reason why I joined the Next Generation Service Corps is one of the many examples of how my values affect my decision making. Although I do not know anyone in the organization, I am taking the risk as I know that I will learn a lot of new things about myself through the experience that I will go through for the next four years. Therefore, it is an opportunity th...

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...rly the funding that the nonprofits receive from the corporations. More specifically, the partnerships of the corporations/businesses with the public/nonprofit sector makes them more marketable because people will more likely to buy products/services to a company that gives back to the community. Furthermore, the public/nonprofit sector that they partner with will support them through promoting their products/services to the public and the clients they serve. Eventually, it will lead to a sales increase and less competition in the industry. Since the private sector focuses on how to make profit out of what they do, the resources and profits/funding are some of the strengths within this sector. In addition, since businesses have a fast-paced environment, and through the resources they have, the ability to adapt and innovate is one of the strengths of most companies.

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