Essay on Using The New Ideas And Strategies I Have Gained

Essay on Using The New Ideas And Strategies I Have Gained

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In order to understand the ways in which I plan to use the new ideas and strategies I have gained in the “Digital Student” course, you must first understand my teaching placements. Each school day I teach in two vastly different settings. In the morning I teach at a large urban high school. We have roughly twelve hundred and fifty students. At my high school, we face all of the challenges you find in an urban setting. Sixty-one percent of our students are economically challenged. Many of my students work in the evening to help out at home or to have spending money. Attending school regularly is an issue with a lot of of my students. We also have a relatively sizeable population of special needs students. Twenty-two percent of our students have disabilities.
The subject I teach at the high school is junior/senior level Earth and Space Science. I teach three sections and have a total of sixty-four students in my classes. My course fulfills the third year of the science graduation requirement for most of the students. All but a handful of the students have passed their Ohio Graduation Tests in science.
Accessing technology in my school can be challenging. We do not have one to one computer access for our students. In our high school we have one computer lab, one library computer lab and Chromecarts. The chromecarts are frequently out of circulation because of their use in testing and in credit recovery classes. This year I have been experimenting with the flipped classroom model. For this reason I surveyed my students regarding home computer access at the beginning of the year. My survey showed that twenty –four percent of my students do not have Internet access at home.
In the afternoons, my teaching placement is very dif...

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...tes with the teachers I team with, so that they can decide if any of the sites will work for them. As stated, they have a higher accessibility to computers at the elementary than we do at the high school.
This course has provided a variety of ideas for use in my class. I will need time to sort through them all. I have begun with the ideas and tools I believe will be most impactful for my students. As mentioned, I have made significant plans to use the twenty-percent model. I have scheduled my computer access, created a list of fall back topics for students, and have begun to compile the variety of projects they can choose from to share their knowledge. I have also begun to work through the other programs like Blabberize and EDpuzzle. This course has introduced me to many new ideas and programs that will help me improve student interest and performance in my class.

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