A Reflection On College Drinking

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In the past few months I have learned a lot about myself. When the incident first occurred I was very angry. I know plenty of people that drink that are under age and they don’t get caught. I kept asking myself why me? At first I was hesitant to change, but the last few months have been eye opening. I have definitely used this situation to my advantage. There are so many things that I have learned about myself. I have used these last few months to really evaluate my life and set new goals for myself. I think this experience has greatly affected my life in more ways then one. I have done many things to change my life. I have seen changes in my personal life regarding my family and my friends. Many people talk about life changing experiences and how it affects them. I think that my life has changed for the good because of this incident. I’m glad that I have used this negative incident to better my life and to change the fate of my future. As I stated before, there are many things that have changed in the past few months. I think this biggest thing that has changed is my feelings towards myself. I have always been pretty confident in my abilities, and myself but I never really had the motivation to do the things that I knew I was capable of. After the incident occurred I asked myself what could I do to change the way my life is headed. I really didn’t have answers. I decided to go home to Jupiter and talk to my parents. I am pretty close with them and I definitely value their opinion. I figured that since they were older and more experienced they could give me some insight on what they have learned. We talked a lot about my past behavior and how a lot of my friends drink. We also talked about how college and drinking kind of go hand and hand in a lot of people’s minds. My parents gave me some ideas on how I could change my life and my choices. We agreed that it would be a good idea to talk to my friends and tell them about how I was feeling. I was kind of unsure about how to approach this with my friends. I felt kind of uneasy about telling some of my friends. We talk mostly about girls, sports etc…….I didn’t think that they would understand what I was going through. As it turns out, my friends were kind of going through the same thing. My best friend John told me that after this incident he started thinking about some of the thi... ... middle of paper ... ...king around me. But I don’t know if I will be participating in that. Sure a part of me wants to do the Tennessee Waltz with my friends, but I really like how things are going. I never drank because I felt peer pressured to srink or because I had to drink to have fun. I just drank because it is college and a lot of people do it. I’m sure when I turn twenty-one the novelty will wear off and I will probably hardly ever do it. I’m glad I didn’t get into more trouble then I could have. There are so many things that could happen if you have been drinking. It just seems that trouble and drinking go hand and hand . If I don’t drink or do drugs I can definitly keep my chances of getting in trouble again to a minimum. If I could change the situation I don’t think I would. I needed an incident like this to wake me up and make me figure things out. I have changed a lot of aspects in my life and I’m proud of that. The day after this happened I definitly didn’t feel like this was going to be a great learning experience. Now I’m convinced that it’s probably the best thing that could have happened to someone who had no clue on who they were. I’m very happy I had an open mind and changed my life.

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