Use Of Distractions Whenever People Write Essay

Use Of Distractions Whenever People Write Essay

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Brendon Canal
Professor Wend
Composition I
13 October 2015
The article I chose focuses on the concept of distractions whenever people write. It is a common thing amongst any and all writers. The author of the article talks about how he was taught some right and wrong methods of avoiding distraction. For instance, he was taught to never go on the internet for it supposedly doesn’t help with writing in any way. He exclaims that he knows where those people were coming from, however, he is certain that what they said is untrue. The author also gives a few tips on how to avoid any potential distractions that one may encounter. The one that really caught my eye was the last one that mentions real time communication tools. It’s the one that stuck out to me because I tend to have those open whenever I write a paper.
Ironically enough, I do happen to have said real time communication tools open while I am writing this very paper. I have my phone out and my Skype on standby. I am guilty of getting caught off guard every now and then from any type of instant message. I know it would be wise to shut such things down but to be honest, the presence of such tools is somewhat comforting to me. It is not the easiest thing to explain, but I am going to have to go with the virtual company that comes from them. Said comfort helps me to just relax and work on my paper without any stress. It is not just the comfort of virtual company, but many other methods of comfort. I like having the ability to just lay down on my couch writing my papers on a laptop through Google Docs instead of being cramped in my very small and claustrophobic computer room using Microsoft Word. Sure, even the article mentions that you should not be ceremonious when ...

... middle of paper ...

...than I already have.
This article could definitely be of a lot of use to me in the future. It already taught me quite a few techniques I never have thought of before. The author obviously is an experienced writer, so who am I to not take advice from such a person? Albeit, I will still most likely keep some real time communication tools open for comfort reason, but perhaps I will tone it down a notch. For example, I could put my Skype on Do Not Disturb mode or simply resist responding from any messages if I get any. I will also still consider that daily word goal concept. All in all, this article really stuck with me because of how easily distracted I can get. Now all I can do is use its advice and improve from there.

Works Cited
Doctorow, Cory. “Cory Doctorow: Writing in the Age of Distraction.” Locus Online.
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