The Importance Of The Writing Process Of Writing

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In the chapter, “Internal Revision,” Murray discusses the writing process and how we as teachers should teach it. He states, “And yet rewriting is one of the writing skills least researched, least examined, least understood, and—usually—least taught” (75). I believe that rewriting is a vital step of writing an essay, story, or anything that you are putting together. Growing up in school, I never had a revision time. Once it was due, we had to turn it in and then we get it back with a letter grade. With not knowing why you got the grade and how you can fix it makes you discouraged for the next assignment. It was not until high school that I started to get a little feedback from the teachers on why I got the grade that I did. We still did not…show more content…
Most texts, in fact, confuse rewriting with editing, proofreading, or manuscript preparation. Yet rewriting almost always is the most exciting, satisfying part of the writing process” (75). I thought this quote was interesting because I never thought rewriting was a punishment. If anything writing was a punishment throughout the years. One class in high school, one of the students did something disrespectful, so the teacher had all the students write a five page essay on why we should not do that. She also said if we did not finish we would have to stay in class until we finished and miss lunch. At that time, I really did not like writing, the teacher, and that person that did that. Rewriting was never really an option until I got into college, so I never thought it was a punishment. When I did get the chance to rewrite, it was more of a blessing and it was exciting to me because it meant that I would get a better grade and learn from my mistakes. I also agree that rewriting is not proofreading. I got taught that proofreading was before you turn it in and rewriting was when you got your paper back to fix. I was able to read the feedback that my professor gave and was able to improve my writing for a better grade. Not only did it help for a better grade, but it also helped me as a student to become a better writer. Overall, rewriting is the best part of the writing process. I hope as a future teacher that I can teach the students that rewriting is the most important part of it. I also hope that I can get the students to not be afraid to write and jot things down on paper because writing is never going to be perfect in the

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