Essay on The Us Has A Long History Of Oppression

Essay on The Us Has A Long History Of Oppression

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The US has a long history of oppression. Throughout time, the US has implemented many systems in which its residents have suffered through slavery, genocide, imprisonment, and segregation among several forms of oppression. As, defined by Lauren Anderson a racial cast is, “Having your social, economic, and political position determined by identity or birth”. In the history of black people in America racial cast have had a strong presence. Black people were enslaved for over two hundred and forty years, which meant that they had no governance over their lives or their children’s lives, they could not have access to education, they were restricted in their rights to expression and religion, and had no rights to ownership because they were property themselves. Additionally, after being freed from slavery Black people had to endure Jim Crow which once again put them in a cast under white people from being denied the right to vote, to being imprisoned, forced to work under unjust and false offenses, and undergoing housing and education discrimination to name a few forms of suppression. All of the things mentioned are barriers that have and continue to entrap black and brown people into a racial cast system where white people are intentionally and freely at the top and have been since the existence of this country.
Based on Michelle Alexander’s analysis of mass incarceration, she argues, “ We have not ended racial caste in America: we have merely redesigned it” . Though mass incarceration of black people is a prevalent issue and has been a vexed issue for black people since the end of US slavery in 1865, there are many other contributors to the racial cast system such as education and housing that have continued through today.

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... collaboratively form a racial cast system, the heart of the cause of the racial cast system is that of racial discrimination, inequality and the allowance of biases through the disguise of a colorblind society. To emphasize Michelle Alexander’s arguments and the modifications of education and housing I put on the redesign of a racial cast system, history supports that due to unequal housing, education, and mass incarceration; ““Thousands of people have had years of their lives wasted in prison- years they would have been free if they had been white. ” This racial cast system is one that is thriving today more than ever, and to alleviate and eliminate this system we must focus on the issues at stake that cause this problem. Discrimination, segregation, racism, false media, colorblindness, inequality, and biases in their different forms must be shattered and defeated.

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