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U.S. Army: A Profession of Arms Essays

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The impact of the War on Terrorism on our military is profound. Over the past decade the Army has rapidly expanded, lowered its entry standards, and reprioritized its training objectives. Now as the wars now diminish, the Army again faces change due to budget cuts and troop reduction. Such actions have forced critics to question whether the Army is still meeting the expectations of a profession. The answer is that the Army is holding true to the title of a “Profession of Arms” like never before. It is a profession because it is defined by trust, an expertise, and an ethic; characteristics found in all occupations claiming to be a profession.
The U.S. Army ultimately exists as a profession because of the trusting relationship it has with the American people. The citizens of America, through the Constitution, rely on the Army for security; to carry out missions that they are unable to or refuse to do themselves. This is the ultimate form of trust; should it dissipate, the profession becomes nonexistent. A practical example of this from a recognized profession is the doctor-patient relationship. If a patient feels a doctor is unable to aid in the treatment of their health, the patient will either seek alternative doctors or treat themselves. Unfortunately, the Army’s care for this relationship has not always been stellar. On numerous occasions during the wars a small number of soldiers abused this trust by mistreating detainees or harming civilians. To be fair however, the Army is not alone when it comes to such mistakes. Professions are not immune from the immoral actions of a few; on the contrary, it is how they deal with these individuals that make them a profession. The Army took it upon itself to conduct investigations and hold...

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...it as a profession today.
In conclusion, the trust, expertise, and ethic of the Army make it a profession. As with any organization with high expectations, problems arise and change must occur. The War on Terror certainly creates challenges for the Army, but like any other profession, the Army shall adapt and overcome. The Army is holding true to the title of a “Profession of Arms” like never before.

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