U.S. Military Hindered by Indian Guerilla Tactics

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Native Americans used various forms of Guerilla warfare such as tactics, weather, and terrain to their advantage when facing United States (U.S.) Military. Guerilla warfare is a form of tactics used by an adversary against prodigious conventional military force. The disadvantages in numbers, tactics, and weapons systems would encourage significant failures in facing such a powerful enemy in open battle. The U.S. Military after the civil war confronted this new way of fighting for the first time within the western territories. The uprising by the Indians indicated that the Military leadership viewed the Native Americans as savages and did not recognize the underlying culture differences of the Indians. Another contributing factor in a prolonged war understanding the weather and terrain and how their inadequate preparations to fight this new form of war against the Indians in battle. During the American Indian Wars, the United States military employed different strategies, weaponry, and additional forces appropriate to force the American Indians to negotiations. However, this did not end the war quickly but provided an advantage for Military forces in obtaining the upper hand over the Indian and their Guerilla tactics. The effects of culture, terrain, weather, and tactics encountered during the American Indian Wars hindered U.S. forces in defeating the American Indians.

U.S. Military hindered by Indian Guerilla Tactics

When understanding the types Guerilla warfare tactics dates back to the earliest recorded history and continues today, as it will in the future. A formidable strategy used against the military by the Native Americans to preserve their way of life. After the Civil War in 1865, U.S. settlements exceeded ...

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...uring the American Indian Wars hindered U.S. forces in defeating the American Indians.

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