Essay on Urban Planning History

Essay on Urban Planning History

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There have been many significant movements throughout urban planning history which have influenced the way that planning theory is shaped and thought. Combined Modernist and Neoliberal planning theories have influenced the erection of a vast amount of planning project that have left an imprint on the way that urban planning is practiced today. In this paper, I will begin by describing the components of modernist and neoliberal planning practices. Then, I will outline a brief history of the project and explain how the Los Angeles South Central Farm was influenced by both modernist and neoliberal planning theories. Lastly, I will analyze this project through two different critical perspectives, neo-Marxism and critical race planning. These critical perspectives will enable us to understand the planning practices that were implemented in this project and will helps us explain the planning theories achievements and failures in this case study.
Modernist and Neoliberal Planning Theory
We will begin by describing the components of modernist and neoliberal planning theory, by doing so we will have a better understanding of how Los Angeles South Central Farm was influenced by both modernist and neoliberal planning theories. Modernism emerged in 19th and 20th century, in response to the city’s physical chaos, causing suffering to the working class. Local legislation began by improving the working class “slums” by implementing building codes, sanitation facilities, and public health regulations (Krueckeberg, 1983). Modernist projects implement certain goals; Robert A. Beauregard describes the four goals of modernist planning:
1) Bring reason and democracy to bear on capitalist urbanization, 2) Guide state decision making with technical...

... middle of paper ...

...: Verso. 7-68

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