Universal Religions are Beneficial for the World Essays

Universal Religions are Beneficial for the World Essays

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Currently, there are thousands of religions in the world. These religions can be identified as two groups: universal and ethnic. Universal religions can be defined as two words: proselytizing, and accepting. Ethnic religions are religions that are clique. However, universal religions are more beneficial for the health of the world; they influence others on their culture and history, they are generally more accepting and welcoming of diverse affiliations of people, and they also encourage egalitarianism of people throughout the world.
Universal religions are truly beneficial for the world’s health. One reason this is true is due to their ability to spread their history and culture. An educational cultural website, education.com, states that the influence of cultural beliefs about education, the value of education, and participation styles cannot be overestimated (Impact). Religion is a major aspect of any country’s history. Most of the general population of a town is consistent with participating in one religion. That single religion influences the town’s activities and the citizen’s lives. This infers that the citizens in these towns unite communally, and when people inside a community are close with one another, then that town becomes a vigorous one. How could a town be healthy if everybody kept to their selves and nobody knew anyone? Religion brings community together. Furthermore, according to the website huffingtonpost.com, an American online news aggregator, “Culture is intangible, but it is essential: you can walk into a school and know immediately whether you want to be there or not” (Huffington Post). The cultures of universal religions are taught abroad, throughout schools. Although these schools never favor any one s...

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