Bystanders of the Holocaust

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When individuals think about the Holocaust, most place the responsibility of the terrible events on the perpetrators. However, bystanders played one of the largest roles in the Holocaust (Evans, Carrell) simply by staying safe for way too long (Florida Center) and the world wants to make sure it never happens again (Shriver Jr., Donald W).
If the individuals, governments, and countries would have stood up for what they knew was right, the Holocaust would have ended before it did. Just like society now, we don't care about something if it doesn't directly impact us.
A great deal of bystanders tried to stay ignorant to everything that was going on during the Holocaust. Although they knew what was going on, a handful overlooked it because they were afraid of the consequences of getting involved (Florida Center for Instructional Technology). Bar-On claims, a large majority of society, especially Germans, stood back and did nothing because it wasn’t affecting them or their families on a personal level, so they truly do not care. Different countries, world leaders, and everyday people can be considered bystanders. America itself has a reputation of staying away from big events like in the case of the Rwandan genocide (Stay the Hand of Vengeance). When outsiders finally did become conscious of what was going on, it was too late (The Holocaust Resource Center). Many lives were lost and a large portion of the Jewish society faced mass destruction.
Certain bystanders ignored what was going on even though they had perfect knowledge of it. Many of them say they were just minding their own business (Bystander in Relation) but according to Raul Hilberg, they had all of the clues right in front of them and made the choice...

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