Uber Of The Ride Sharing Industry Essay

Uber Of The Ride Sharing Industry Essay

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Call an Uber for cute kittens to play with; call a Lamborghini Uber for a free ride; call a Magnum Uber for ice-cream delivery. Uber Technologies, INC., the pioneer of the ride sharing industry founded in 2009, successfully attracted people’s attention and caused fervent social responses by its innovative public campaigns. During this time of global economic growth and business competition, Uber’s brand advertisements not only provided users with cheap and convenient service, but also with creative events to put more excitement into daily life. It is important to examine and study Uber’s communication strategies since it has taken a huge market share of the business. “Based on expense reports from business travelers in the first quarter of 2015, Certify says that “an average 46 percent of all total paid car rides were through Uber” in major markets across the U.S.” (Bender, 2015) To inspect the achievement of Uber specifically, the public relation throne rides campaign via “Game of Thrones” could best illustrate Uber’s communication accomplishment.
In April 16, 2015, in order to celebrate HBO Company’s independent streaming service “HBO Now” and its hit TV drama “Game of Thrones”, Uber and HBO jointly promoted the “Game of Throne” test ride service in Manhattan. Users could simply enter promo code “Throne Rides” in the Uber APP to skip to relevant page and there are two selections they could choose: by selecting the “Throne” option, the users could call the glass truck with the iron throne (Index 1) to their location, reenact the scene in “Game of Thrones” and take a photo of them sitting on the iron throne, which symbolize of the kingship that every character in the drama fought for; for those more zealous users, they could selec...

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...still gained more clients who would pay in the future. HBO also gained its commercial profit in this campaign: “HBO’s “Game of Thrones” attracted an audience of 8 million viewers in its fifth season premiere, a gain from the previous year even after several episodes leaked online.” (Smith, 2015) By organizing this creative event, Uber not only promoted its own business brand but also helped HBO to profit, attracting more partners and investments in the future.
More than a ride sharing company, Uber uses vehicles as carriers to support its expansion to different areas such as advertising and public relation. By analyzing Uber’s creative publicizing strategy, it is clearly that a good marketing will ultimately serve the commercial purpose. Uber succeeds in marketing competition by its innovation and the “Game of Thrones” campaign best illustrated this feature.

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