Types of Advertisements Essay

Types of Advertisements Essay

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I chose the Browns Chicken cholesterol free cooking ad for the informative advertisement because the ad had an employee inform the viewers that browns chicken is made with cholesterol free ingredients. This advertisement featured Steve Carell standing on a ladder placing letters on a sign spelling out Cholesterol Free Cooking. Once Carell had finished he informed the viewers that Browns Chicken is cooked in cholesterol free cottonseed oil and and cholesterol free batter but while he was talking all the letters blew off in the wind except the word Free. But customers noticed the word Free on the sign and started rushing into the restaurant for their “free” chicken.

The reason why this advertisement was informative is because the ad simply told the viewers facts about how Brown’s Chicken is cholesterol free. The ad stated that cottonseed oil and cholesterol free batter. Informative advertising is used when the advertiser wants to inform the public of a new product or in this case a new recipe.

For the persuasive advertisement I chose one of the more stranger ads. This ad starts out ...

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