Marketing and Advertisement: Anti-alcohol Advertisements Campaigns

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Advertising in business is a form of marketing which includes products, service and culture images to attract consumers’ attention. Traditionally, organizations use advertisements as a method to stimulate the consumption behaviors as well as the economic growth. However, in terms of positive effects on health perception, advertisements are used to ‘demarket’ to decrease the demand for a product or service. Contrast to improving market, demarket may be defined as a strategy marketing to decrease demand of harmful products or services like drugs, alcohol, tobacco. (Block, Morwitz, Putsis & Sen (1999) cited in Surdyka (2006)). As a mainly context, Governments and some Health Care Organizations use the power of mass media to raise the communities’ awareness away from some harmful products such as alcohol, cigarettes and illegal drugs. This essay argues that advertisements play an essential role in sending a health message to population by the anti-smoking, anti-drugs and anti-drinking advertising campaign. Some of arguments promote specific anti-smoking mass media advertisements as a way of reducing the amount of smokers effectively. According to the research of Farrelly, Davis, Lyndon Haviland, Messeri and Healton (2005), “anti-smoking television campaigns have a positive effect on discourage smoking, including highlight short and long term health consequences”. In US, mass media campaign known as “truth” is launched by the American Legacy Foundation to survey the impact of campaign on national smoking among US youths in high school. In particular, from 1997 to 2002, the rate of youth smoking prevalence falls steadily from 28% to 18% in all grades. The findings examine the evidence that students in grade 8th declines by 50% and by 3... ... middle of paper ... ...r getting away from their problems and having pressure from peer groups. Therefore, the advertisements include the slogans and images which are remembered and understood. Consequently, there are 25% agreed that advertisements help them staying away from using drugs and this figure is considered a success. In conclusion, there are many science experts induct that advertisements can take an advantage in sending health message to communities. In reducing the social evil like smoking, drinking and drugs abuse, advertisements are widely used as anti-campaigns and they are also received many positive responses for short term and long term consequence. Surdyka (2006) believes that advertisements have influence on target audiences not only in the past but also in the present. She recommends that the more intensively advertisements perform, the higher recognition of them.

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