Two Men to Kill One Giant? Essay

Two Men to Kill One Giant? Essay

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It’s one of the most widely debated topics in history: did Lee Harvey Oswald, in fact, kill John F. Kennedy? Was it related to a conspiracy? And if he did kill Kennedy, was Oswald involved in said conspiracy? It has become quite common for American citizens in the present day to believe that a conspiracy killed John Kennedy, and it has become even more common for people to believe a number of random and false facts about this historic assassination attempt. Throughout this paper, the focus will be on the more credible sources and theories in order to debunk the dis and misinformation
Many theories have been proposed as to how the killing happened, from the bizarre to the mundane. The most hotly debated aspect of the case has always been if there was only one gunman, or two gunmen involved. While the Warren Commission (the officially supported report) maintains that Lee Oswald acted alone, there are many conflicting pieces of information brought forward by eye witnesses. While eye-witness reports are questionable both in the Warren Report and in the two gunman theory, both the famed Zapruder film and the autopsy of the exhumed corpse are areas of discrepancy, and will be focused heavily on in this research.
On November 22, 1963, President John F. Kennedy and his wife arrived in Dallas to boost his ratings in the largely red state of Texas. After meeting with Governor John Connally, the four set out in a motorcade across Dallas, destined to end at the Dallas Trade Park where JFK was set to give a speech. At twelve-thirty Central Standard Time, in an uncovered limousine in Dealey Plaza, Kennedy was shot and killed en route by a single bullet. A total of at least four shots were fired, one of which struck the governor and injured...

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