The Assassination Of John Kennedy

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While researching the Kennedy assassination there were many articles, saying that the mob was involved in the shooting. The writers were convinced that there was more than one person involved when it came too killing John Kennedy, on that warm sunny day in downtown Dallas. However, while these authors were convinced that there was another party involved, so was the rest of America with eighty percent saying the report was false. The goal of this paper is to bring this topic into the spotlight once more, by connecting the shooting of the president with the mob, and Lee Harvey Oswald. To achieve this goal, the paper is organized into three main sections, they all have a sub-sections. The first section, provides info on the Warren Report and how it was false right from the beginning. In the second section, it discusses how the mob was involved with the killing of John Kennedy. The paper ends with a third section that offers reasons on why the conspiracy is likely true, giving reasons why Jack Ruby shot Lee Harvey Oswald. The paper also includes a sources page after the Works Cited that has images of the articles used. Before the paper begins the examination of the conspiracy theory, there is a need to provide some information on how the articles were written. Historical Context The year of 1963 would be the year that would forever be remembered as the time when President John Kennedy was assassinated by Lee Harvey Oswald. On a warm Friday afternoon in downtown Dallas, perched on the top floor of the Texas School Book Depositary, Lee Harvey Oswald set aim on one of the more popular presidents of all time. This event impacted the history of the United States, and is one of the most talked about killings of all time. The Warren Co... ... middle of paper ... ... president. She said that she wanted all the information released because she thought the Warren Commission could not find the real reason behind Kennedy’s assassination. There is plenty of evidence out there that shows that the Warren Report was false and not truthfully put together. Conclusion From examining John F. Kennedy’s assassination, many people have come to the conclusion that there was a second party involved in the shooting of the President of the United States. The writers give great theories and facts leading people to believe that the Warren Report was false and later used to cover up the death of John Kennedy. With this great information out to the public it is obvious that the mob was involved with the planning assassination. After, all this evidence it only makes sense that the Warren Report is false, and that the mob was involved the whole time.

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