Jfk Conspiracy Theory

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according to contenttime.com John F. Kennedy was assassinated by Lee Harvey Oswald. However, this was not the case. There are three conspiracy theories surrounding Kennedy's assassination. One of them is that the CIA was involved. Another conspiracy theory is that the bullet was " magic". Furthermore, the Zapruder film is a major piece of evidence which points to a conspiracy. It is the most complete piece of evidence surrounding the case. It is clear, Lee Harvey Oswald was not a lone gunman and was accompanied by other in his plot to kill the president. The CIA involvement conspiracy theory was one of the more surprising theories. The CIA had a high number of conflicts with JFK, such a the bay of pigs invasion on Cuba. CIA agents could have been involved in Kennedy's assassination. Some say he was assassinated because he turned away from the Cold War, the nonviolent conflict between the U.S. and the former U.S.S.R. after 1945. Over time Kennedy relationship with the CIA was deteriorating. Kennedy said "I want to splinter the CIA into a thousand pieces and scatter them in the winds". According to Larry chin the CIA paid for the someone to assassinate president Diem of Vietnam. The the other hand reports show that Carlos Marcelo admitted to the CIA organizing Kennedy's assassination. Furthermore mafia criminals disliked Kennedy because of his disliking of organized crime. Although JFK organized 10,000 votes for the election with Chicago mobster boss Sam Giancana. Nevertheless the CIA concealed vital information from the warren commission. During JFK time in office a big argument was the CIA's assassination program. The program was that the CIA would hire someone to kill a target and would get paid is they completed the job. For ... ... middle of paper ... ...re, people have been forging high quality films since the 1850's. The forgers would have had 7 months take make the film. Additionally, the Zapruder film have missing frames proving the film could have possibly fake. Film experts say the film was altered by by Hollywood machines the would make special effects. Some mistakes took 40 years to find. The film could have not come a home video camera, it was scientifically proven "JFK assassination Film Hoax". According to Larry Chin, the Zapruder film is very inconsistent compared to the the other films of Kennedy's assassination. Frame 207, 212, 314, and 315 are missing from the film and frame 284 was a repeat of 283. In the film there is an unusual pause between frame 131 and 132. The information proves the film is fake and the lee Harvey Oswald was helped in the plot to kill president Kennedy and was not lone gunman.
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