Essay about Trusting Culture on Knowledge Management

Essay about Trusting Culture on Knowledge Management

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Trusting Culture on knowledge management (KM)
According to Strong and Weber (1998), a trusting culture is one that is characterized by actions and personal conducts, which discourage use of personal interests over group interest, and it incorporates positive attitude in regard to the conduct of others in the group. Trusting culture is a very reliable tool in knowledge management. This is attributed to the fact that the surrounding atmosphere is composed of trust, thus the quality of information being disseminated is high. King (2008) argues that, an overwhelming trust among employees in a firm or organization, yields good results for knowledge management. Thus the information sharing process is characterized by honesty, reliability and responsibility.
Trusting culture brings an element of competitive advantage to the organization. This is attributed to the fact that the information that is in circulation is very reliable and rich in terms of offering knowledge on how to improve the quality of services and goods. However, according to Li (2010), building a trust culture needs a link of one’s individual job responsibilities and knowledge sharing. This results into motivation of the employee to take part in the knowledge sharing, and improve on individual level of performance. But, the type of information shared is characterized with different kinds of individualism and sometimes it may be biased to an extent. Thus the goal of knowledge management is not achieved. Therefore, trusting culture may have a negative effect on knowledge management.
Holland (2010) on the case of banks, knowledge and crisis, argues that the system of bank learning is inadequate in developing individual character. This he supports by the use of the tra...

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