Traditions and Cultures of Russia

Traditions and Cultures of Russia

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Traditions and Cultures of Russia: Contrasting American and Traditions Cultures and
Russia’s exciting traditions and cultures is dated back from ages. Russia has been known for its rick culture as well as its extra ordinary traditions, such as the arts, music, philosophy, dance, architect, exotic paintings. The paintings also contain billions of colors along with several other cultural heritages. Hospitality, family such as men, women and children can all give in sight on how Russian culture and traditions are played out from day to day. All around the world people of all nationality celebrates holidays such as, New Years, Christmas and other holidays which can be more personal to ones’ culture.
Cultures and traditions have a way of differentiating according to religious beliefs and even so economic status.
Russia has several cultures and tradition that may or may not be like our cultures and traditions here in the United States. Because of this, I have taken myself through a journey of cultural likes, similarities, and differences. And for once, I have come to learn that the culture in Russia, America, and other countries are really not that different if put into a well, respected moral way.
In contrary belief, the likes, similarities, and differences are really the same, even if dates are different.
Unlike any other country, Russia has a significant taste when it comes to ceremonial rituals. To start, like wedding anywhere else they are very sacred. Even so, a routine marriage application must be submitted to the proper authorities months in advance. There are no such things as proposal today and they do not marry tonight on the spot as we would do here in the U.S. (Las Vegas). Instead their applications may take up to weeks and weeks just to get approved.
In the meantime couples will have plenty of time to rethink their decisions whether they want to be with that person or not and to prepare for a joyous ceremonial or occasion.
Their styles and traditions like anywhere can vary in many ways, according to their economic background and due to their individual taste. However, if there is going to be a church ceremony, a priest will most likely perform the ceremonial vows. The couples will be expected to have marriage counseling which will be given by the priest too. There are few blackout dates for marriages performed through the church.

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There have to be a time of fasting which means to abstain from all kind of food a period of a time. The Russians are very strict and uptight about their religion beliefs.
Even though Russians wedding traditions are very similar to ours here in American. There is one small difference. In American the ring finger uses the left hand or as we would call it “the left ring finger”. Russians uses the right finger to put their rings on. Needless to say much of the world surrounding us also uses the left finger to out their wedding rings on which exceptions of a few other countries. Another difference with Russia’s weddings is that the bride’s family put a seemingly hilarious play in regards that the guest can be entertained. The moral of the story is the groom must pay to have his bride returned to him. Unusually it may sound it really does happen. After which the show (wedding) must go on.
I’m sure that we have all heard if the southern hospitality Russia is not must difference from the drop of the south when it comes to its hospitality. Down south there is always something cooking and something to sip on no matter what situation you are in. Russians have a big belief in preparing deep dishes of food for their guest whether invited or uninvited. The rule of thumb here is, if it’s possible to make your visits known ahead as the family would like nothing more to have intruders or people that drop by unannounced. They also offer coffee, tea and other kind of beverages such as alcohol. Unlike the southern they love gifts. It is always expected to bring something other than you and family and an appetite. It would be a good idea to consider treasure for all ages; cookies, juice and alcohol. Otherwise this is considered rude once again, just like the south. Along with visiting, Russian despise the thought of an out of town guest staying in a hotel or motel in the place of their home, there being the local Russians.
Supposedly the Russians take pleasure of having company. They feel entitled to their guest for the entire stay. So if that means rearranging their personal schedule in order to make the out of town guest feel welcome and home. If for any reason they are not able to join their fellow guest, it can become overwhelming and a bit of humiliating to the family.
In Russia taking trips would be an excellent idea. Russia has two cities with major landmarks, the Moscow which is the capital of Russia and St. Petersburg. The outdoors of Russia would be a good place to visit. A couple of places you can go visit if you go to Russia is the kremlin, St. Basil’s Cathedral, the Winter Palace, and the Peterhof Complex. Russia is known for having a lot of tourist visiting over the past hundreds of years. Russia is the world largest country reaching more than 6.5 million square miles. Russia has a lot of beautiful glacier snow caped mountains that the tourist could visit and see. A couple of mountains south of Russia are the Caucasus and the Altai Mountains which tourist could go hiking and really mountain climbing. Personally I would not go out hiking because it is too much of a high drop down, but I would encourage everybody else to take the trip and adventure.
The Altai Mountains and the Dombay mountains are really good for mountain climbing and also skiing. Tourist can also hunt in certain parts of Russia, but they have to be safe because some parts are off limits. Some animals have been rediscovered by many people, for an example the Siberian Tiger has been discovered. The Siberian Tiger is also known as the biggest reach of thirteen feet in length and it weights up to six hundred filthy pounds bigger than an average lion on a good day. Russia has limit areas on fishing and hunting due to the territory. The Russians are really strict when it comes to their land. When you hunt in on their land you have to make sure its extra safe because of the laws they have.
The Government is pretty important in Russia. Their government is the Federal Republic, Simi-Presidential System and the Constitutional Republic. The president of Russia is Vladimir Putin. The federal council has one hundred seventy eight members and the State Duma has four hundred fifty members. The country is divided into forty six regions, twenty one ethnically non-Russian republics, four autonomous national areas, and nine largely Russian territories. The federal cities are Moscow and St. Petersburg.
When talking about the language a lot of questions are ask how many Russian natives speak the official language. The population is one hundred sixty four million that speak the language which is eighty one percent. The most popular spoken language in Russia is the tartar. Only three percent of the population speaks the language. The other languages that are spoken are the Ukrainian, Chuvash, Greek, German, Bashir and the Mordvin. The language of Russian is also known as Russian. In 2000 Russia had about one hundred languages belonging to the family of Indo-European languages. It was in the 1800’s when the language came about. The Slavic is the Old Russian language which was spoken is Eastern Europe. The Russian alphabet was introduced by the Greek Christian missioners. Russia is an Indo-European that belongs to the Eastern Europe.
All around the world people of all kinds of nationalities celebrate holidays. Some of the holidays are New Years, Christmas, and other holidays which can be more personal to one’s culture. Let’s stop and think for a moment how the western world celebrates a holiday such as Christmas. Since the western world has a diverse culture, there are several ways to go about this. We will start off with December twenty fifth, a day that hundreds and thousands and maybe even millions of people celebrate. These people faithfully start planning for this even or should I say holiday months and months before it even happen but sometimes on new year’s if not before. With my culture, Christianity, Methodist born and raised, we believe that Jesus Christ was born on the day of Christmas and because of this we plan this enormous, exotic meal and gathering which may last for days and days after Christmas. Which there be a lot of leftovers and during this time everybody be at peace and happiness. Now here is the deal breaker, the shopping, we all love to shop but during this time we do not shop for ourselves we shop for others. Have you ever heard the saying “it’s better to give than to receive.” We start of shopping directly a day after thanksgiving and the day after Christmas. The reason why is because all the all the prices be lower than usual and we could get some stuff for the next Christmas twelve months away. That is how it really becomes a deal breaker. See Americans of all color and shapes and sizes and religion think that if they shop before the holiday rush they can get good deals on certain merchandise and prices, but in reality they are losing out on the good deals. The prices are slashed, but the really slash prices are done on black Friday and New Year’s. Now keep in mind this celebration is about Jesus Christ at least here in my religion and in the United States. However due to our diverse population not all national or foreign believe in the birth of Christ.
Now let’s go back towards the north eastern side of the world. A place where there are Roman Catholics, Protestants and other religion no different from ours since Russia has become so diverse in the part so many years, but still unlike the western. A fraction of the orthodox in the birth of Christ, but more are preparing for a long drawn out New Year’s. Yes I said New Year’s, Orthodox, Christians do celebrate and like I stated earlier in the passage I believe in the birth of Jesus Christ. The gospel of Luke, but instead of preparing for a long drawn out shopping like Christmas, they look forward to a long and prosperous two week worth of Christmas celebration to include New Years since it is celebrated starting on January seventh. Which they can fire thanks to the Julian calendar. Julian calendar, not much of a different from the Gregorian calendar, two percent different at the most and was used long before the birth of Christ named from its creator Julius Caesar replaced the Roman calendar. It simply was two weeks behind the Gregorian calendar or the western Christian calendar is more prominent even in today’s society. To prevent a stray off this is how the orthodox in Russia is determined the time to celebrate on the contrast there are several worldwide calendars to follow, all are based on culture. Due to all the chaos about the birth of Christ, Russia does not show that much interest in celebrating the Christian holidays. They do attend church services and they will prepare a meal in honor of Jesus Christ, but the mood is completely different from our culture.
The Russian new year’s is the most respected and celebrated holiday in the Russian culture. Like the western side of the world they too celebrate at twelve o clock a.m. on December thirty first. They also are popping big champagne bottles too. Get this unlike the New Years here and almost everywhere, children do not celebrate as an adult or a teenager might would. On the contrast the Russian children receive gifts but not from family, but from who I wonder? Their version of Santa Clause, Grandfather Frost and his granddaughter the snow maiden, nope. There’s no Rudolph, there just the snow maiden and grandpa.
If there is not enough the Russian have a double up which means that they celebrate once again from the Julian calendar. It states on January seventh and with us which keep in mind was on December thirty first. This means that unlike our western culture that will go broke for Christmas. The Russian seemingly will go double broke for their new years to include the little the little children who has been known to party on their own grounds. Now that I have seen a lot about Russian culture such as the different in the way they celebrate Christmas, New Years, and ceremonial rituals like weddings, their Russian hospitality. All in contrast to the western civilization, we still have more to consider like their language and leisure’s and travel and accused the Russian mafia. Like anywhere the mafia is nothing more than a vast organized crime. These crimes can be conducted from coast to coast. The government as local authorities cannot stop nor control these crimes. Believe it or not the local authorities as well as the federal government have been suspended in the involvement of these hideous crimes. This may include out of victory in world war two. There are other organized societies around the world. The Italians, Sicilians, Swedish, Chinese and the list goes on. We all might agree that the mafia is engage in all types of organized crimes, drug trafficking and dangerous stuff and they move weapons across country which is one of the most common things they do. Russia mafia consists of several organized crimes which go well beyond the drug trade. They are very stricter and quicker to put you to death under the organization as well. If you betray them in any kind of way they would find you and your family and do damage. To start the idea of a mafia was more less security measure for developing countries, Russia being no different. However in order to get power and respect you have to do some dangerous things and prove to them that you are loyal which came with a good price at the end of the day. Since then and even now, there still are unanswered questions about whether these organized crimes really exist especially in the United States. Reason being so many organized crimes has been surfacing the United States for decades so it may be that these foreigners are protecting their turf. Keep in mind gangs are more modern mafia well small little mafias that are all over the United States. Needless to say they will always be underground who tend to profit money in their own pockets instead of trying to invest into anything big. The organized crimes also include prostitution and drug smuggling and immigration and the list goes on. So the Russian mafia most definitely once existed and probably still exist to this day they are just not so blunt with their action and crimes like back in the day.

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