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Russia is one of the strongest nations in the world. It has a long cultural, traditional and military history. After dissolution of the Soviet Union, Russia has effectively preserved its unique cultural and traditional identity. It has progressed a great deal in the fields of science and technology, defense and military, and economy using its particular strategic geographical location. In this paper, we will discuss Russia’s culture, its characteristics, terrain, communication lines and weather while doing ASCOPE analysis.

Let us discuss ‘what is culture?’ first. The definition of culture is the shared patterns of the interactions and behaviors, emotional understanding and cognitive constructions learned from the socialization process.
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Russian culture is also quite rich in its colorful folk costumes and its religious symbols. Russian Matryoshka or nesting dolls are hand painted to portray smiling Russian woman covered in lace shawls. Usually a Matryoshka entail six or more dolls, similar in design, nested within each other while becoming smaller. They are very famous souvenirs for those travelers who visit Russia. In contrary to 25 December, Russia celebrates Christmas on January 7, following the Orthodox calendar. New Year 's Day comes before the Russian Christmas, and is more significant. They enjoy both theatre and live performances in Russia. This culture of theater mainly developed during the Soviet era. Russian culture is a continuation of a historic civilization (Bradford,…show more content…
For some it was easy to recover and gain there riches back both legally or illegally. Without the unions guidance they were able to make the most of the opportunities for self-expression. The few that were successful on this path merged into a new class of wealthy Russians free of the government. However, most of society did not follow this path, instead they were met the prospect of reduced certainty in their lives with doubt, confusion, or resentment. These people became reliant on the Soviet Union throughout the years and found it difficult to live free of them (Coutsoukis,

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