Cultural Diversity Events

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Cultural diversity events bring many different culture roots together. Where a person learns a lot about different cultures, cultural events are fun and very knowledgeable people get to learn many things about their culture, which they didn’t know before attending the event. Many people in Pakistan they don’t know about their culture and religion, which is really bad. That’s why these cultural events are held to teach those people who don’t know about their culture. When I came to united states last year in 2013 fall I felt kind of weird it wasn’t only me it was everyone who came for the first time, the environment was totally different for me as I came from the another country with entirely different culture and environment. When I attended my orientation for the first time in United States it felt strange, in the orientation they told us about United States laws and rules, culture and how things are in United States. There I learned a little bit about United States and the culture. But what scared me were the laws, rules and regulations, laws and rules are so strict in United States as compared to Pakistan and Saudi Arabia. In United States diving rules are strict comparatively to Pakistan and Saudi. Talking about the culture in Pakistan its unique and entirely different from the world except India, as Pakistan and India were one country before. Cultural Events in Pakistan have significant value and they are celebrated with great passion. One of the most respected cultural events is marriage. In Pakistan marriages are celebrated with full tradition and passion, as it is one of the most valuable events. In the marriage we have four-sub event Maiyun, Baraat, Valima and Mehndi. These are also sub cultural events which come under ... ... middle of paper ... ...lcome with flowers thrown upon the couple when they are entering the groom’s house. Here is the picture of the baraat. After the baraat Valima takes place. Valima is the final day of the wedding held by the couple as they host their first dinner as husband and wife. this is traditionally organised by the bridegroom family. The groom's family, specifically his parents, invite all of the bride's family and their guests to their home for a feast. More commonly nowadays, this is held in a marriage hall or hotel instead. The Walima is typically the most festive event of the wedding ceremony and intends to publicize the marriage. The bride wears a heavily decorated dress with gold jewellery provided by the groom's family. The groom normally opts for a formal Western suit or tuxedo. It is at this ceremony that they are formally and publicly show cased as a married couple.

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