Tourism and Environmental Issues in Queensland Destination in Australia

Tourism and Environmental Issues in Queensland Destination in Australia

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Our planet faces serious environmental issue from the over using of the natural resources especially in the tourism field. Even without absorbing the resources, some environments that known for it’s beauty are tourists attractions. There are many people who prefer the natural attractions instead of manmade ones. This thing will increased the arriver in nature places, as a result of that the environmental impacts will increased because of the human use and the bad behavior that human leaves on the environment.
In this project we are going to talk about Queensland destination in Australia and then we will be mentioning some tourist attractions in the city. We chose two attractions: The great barrier reef and the Daintree rainforest. We will be stating some of the environmental impacts that are caused by the tourists. At last we will be suggesting some strategies and methods to overcome these environmental problems.
Our choice of destination was Queensland city. We chose this destination because of the many interesting attraction the city had like the great barrier reef, which consider the largest coral reef system in all over the world. The Daintree rainforest to be one of oldest rainforests on earth.
We’re going to state each attractions and problems caused by the tourist and then suggest some strategies and methods for these two that can overcome the mentioned problems for each of both attractions.

Queensland destination:

Queensland or (The Sunshine state) as it calls because the amount of 261 days of sunshine yearly. It’s a state located on north east of Australia. Its consider as the biggest state after western Australia with an area of 1,723,936 square kilometers, at the 138°E longitude.

Queensland ...

... middle of paper ...

...rines, that would include the bad behavior of the tourist of littering and other forms of pollution.

b) The natural threats:

3. Coral bleaching:
Which are happens due to the rise in the water temperature. The coral reef gains its colors from the algae that live on it. If the water becomes warmer it would kill the algae, that will cause the bleach effect as causing the death of algae, their death will affect the creatures that use them as a source of food which will affect the food chain for some organisms.
4. Water temperature and climate change:

The water temperature starts to increase in a frequent manner. Climate change in general is one of main threats to the coral reef future as it in danger of “bleaching”. That the green house effect had the carbon dioxide as a main factor, if it kept increasing the coral reef life would suffer from the loss of oxygen.

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