Annotated Bibliography Of Coral Reef Bleaching

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Annotated Bibliography Research Question: What is causing coral reefs around the world to bleach? Can we do anything about it? Baker, Andrew c. “Climate change and coral reef bleaching: An ecological assessment of long-Term impacts, recovery trends and future outlook.” Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science, Academic Press, 17 Sept. 2008, This website gives a large historical overlook and possible conclusion to the issue of coral reef bleaching. Since the 1980’s episodes of coral reef bleaching and death have occurred almost every year in one or more of the world's tropical or subtropical seas. Bleaching happens in episodes, with the most severe typically accompanying coupled ocean–atmosphere phenomena. Bleaching episodes have resulted in loss of coral…show more content…
“Losing Our Coral Reefs.” State of the Planet Losing Our Coral Reefs Comments, Earth Istitute, 13 June 2011, This article discusses how important the organisms symbiotic with coral reefs are, as well as how important coral reefs are to our environment. Also explained is how natural and non natural things things like hurricanes and overfishing affects them. A study is quoted about how water acidity also plays a role in the bleaching of corals. Lastly, restoration and conservation efforts are discussed and how we could possibly help our oceans. “Climate Science Glossary.” Skeptical Science, This is a website where the current counter- claims and misinformation regarding the existence of coral bleaching effects is paired with scholarly evidence refuting and disproving these claims. Things like “the ocean isn’t actually getting hotter”, “the climate change is natural and happens on a cycle”, and “plants and animals can adapt to shifting temperatures”. These are all linked to research that shows why those claims are

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