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  • Is It Worth It

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    In a domain full of economic desire and prosperity, it is clear that the world thrives of money. Money’s worth has changed acutely in the last century; its importance has now heightened and is a dominant deciding factor in the giant majority of people’s lives. Any decisions made in todays society have to put into place the theory of opportunity cost and cost benefit analysis. The simple philosophy behind opportunity cost is “the cost of an alternative that must be forgone in order to pursue a certain

  • College Is Worth It?: Is College Worth It?

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    College is worth it “What do you want to be when you grow up?” Is a question most children hear from time to time though out their childhood. Most people ponder on that question as they grow up and become adults. The question that usually comes up when thinking about what they what to be when they grow up is “Is college worth it?” Are the risk of the high loans, and the challenge of finding a job after school worth the time of the college education? Most people know that having a college degree

  • Is It Worth It?

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    Is It Worth It? Are you willing to give up what is at stake? BMW released this picture to the public. The image is of two legs one is prosthetic and the other is not. The angle the picture was taken it shows only the white floor that could be portrayed as a hospital floor. It says “Spare parts for humans are not as original as those for cars. Don’t Drink and Drive.” Driving behind one wheel drunk could land you in between another two or in other cases other people between two wheels. Every 48 seconds

  • Is College Worth It?

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    “Is College Worth it? Clearly, New Data Says” by David Leonhardt, “The Value of a College Degree” by Emily Hanford, “New study shows the value of a college education” by Hope Yen, and “Is College Worth It Anymore” by Kristen Sturt, all primarily discuss the advantages of a college education and its true value. In the United States, the student debt is over $1.2 trillion dollars. It is the second largest cause of debt following mortgage debt. When the media spends so much time talking about the limitations

  • Is It Worth The Risk?

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    Is it Worth the Risk? Both Jamal Albarghouti and Eddie Ho just happened to be in the right place at the right time to become citizen journalists, with their cell phones in hand, giving them the opportunity to record a media worthy event while it was taking place. They are not professional reporters, just two young men who knew they were witnessing terrifying events that news media outlets would be interested in seeing from a first person perspective. Accordingly, did their actions endanger others

  • Is College Worth It?

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    Is a College Education Worth It? Rising Costs. Some teachers do not care about you. Years later and you still can’t pay off that debt you incurred in college. All of these issues add up to one simple question: Is college actually worth the cost? Kevin Johnston a recent graduate of Clemson University, along with countless other college students since the 1980’s have had to ask themselves this very question. Because of the costs of college, Kevin graduated with almost $200,000 in debt. Though some

  • Is An Affair Worth It?

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    someone other than your partner, most people find in the end that the affair is not worth it. If a person is having an affair because they are no longer in love with their companion, it will be easier to break all ties with a loved one instead of being unfaithful. If the affair is out of lust, perhaps resisting the temptation and concentrating on trying to revive the romance at home is a solution. Affairs are not worth the pain that they eventually cause all parties involved. If a person that is having

  • Are Animals Worth It?

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    Are Animals Worth It? Thirty years ago, congress passed a law to protect animals that are at risk of becoming extinct. The Endangered Species Act of 1973 outlined the responsibilities of the government and citizens concerning these animals. It requires that every five years, species are evaluated, and it is decided whether they are okay, endangered, whose population is so low that it is in danger of becoming extinct, or threatened, who are not in as much danger, but whose population is

  • Is College Worth It?

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    Is college worth it ? why should someone go to college ? Most people think college is the only logical option to a successful well paying future, that may or may not be true. In this essay I will be talking about the rhetorical situations of 3 authors each from different texts and a debate that all discuss this topic is college worth it. “Are Too Many People Going to college” by Charles murray, “What is college for” by Gary gutting “University 's Undergraduate Learning outcomes” by the textbook,

  • Is College Worth It?

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    In “Is college worth it?” the writer discusses which colleges and degrees will be better for their price and how the careers from these degrees will help pay off college debt. Throughout the article it is discussed how colleges that have lower scores and ranking will not offer financial help to students. To be able to pay off college debt, it is better to go to a college with higher scores. Since the cost of tuition is rising, more people are in need of financial aid, and to pay off this debt quicker