Life Worth Living, Or What Makes Life Worth Living?

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What is a life worth living or what makes life worth living? In order to answer this, one must examine their own life. They should captivate their life with a vengeance. We all should continue to use reason, value friendship, keep life simple, master ourselves, be honest, be kind, and avoid greed as well as needless excess. One should continuously pursue new pleasures as well as new fates to reach with the mind. This reiterates many ideals from ancient philosophers; most outstandingly those that Plato emphasized via the teachings he received from Socrates, his teacher and idol.

Living a good and worthwhile life is primarily about investigating one’s life through reasoning; which is the ultimate gift given to humanity by nature. Reasoning
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By keeping simple, we must strive to experience true pleasure and avoid shallow and brief ones. We should gravitate towards comforting pleasures that promote a peace of mind. True pleasure is ordered and reserved. Ultimately, pleasure is what everyone is seeking. It is the paramount of the good in life. Not all pleasures are necessarily alike either. Some are shallow, and transient, quickly vanishing as soon as what causes said pleasure to end. Often these types are followed by a feeling of emptiness, or a suffering of withdrawal. Other pleasures are katastematic, meaning that they are deep, sustained, and go on beyond what creates them stops. These types of pleasures are the kind that are secured in a good…show more content…
Life should be lived in equilibrium. Even nice possessions, tracked or accomplished without modesty, can become a cause of misfortune and distress. This idea is found repetitively in the texts of philosophers. Many of them perceived moderation as the answer to most of life’s mysteries. When people live beyond reasonable means, they become overwhelmed and tend to be dealt negative consequences. For this reason measuring balance and harmony, in the right proportions makes life worth living. In turn, when excess is given the opportunity to take over this balance, acquiring a life worth living becomes
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