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  • Microsurgery: Sewing Blood Vessels and Nerves Back Together

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    Microsurgery: Sewing Blood Vessels and Nerves Back Together A man came into the emergency ward at one o'clock. His thumb came in an hour later. The surgeon's job: get them back together. The successful re-attaching of fingers to hand requires long hours of painstaking work in microsurgery. In the operating room , the surgeon doesn't stand, but sits in a chair that supports her body. Her arm is cradled by a pillow. Scalpels are present as are other standard surgical tools, but the suture

  • Comparing a Dou Vessel to a Zun Vessel

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    case when analyzing a Dou Vessel from late 5th to early 4th century BCE China as well as a Zun Vessel from 13th century BCE. Both objects have similar purposes as well as certain aspects of design. However, they differ on other points of design and are also dramatically different in size. The parallels and distinctions of the two pieces are reflective of the cultural disparities and different methods of manufacturing during the two eras of creation. This particular Zun vessel was introduced during the

  • Ritual Wine Vessel

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    The Shang Dynasty invented and, over the years, perfected the technique of casting a bronze vessel from a clay mold assembly, which this wine vessel has also been made from using those techniques (Cantor). This mold was formed around a model of the vessel and was then cut into sections that were carved or impressed in the desired design, in this case the braided or grid design, on the inner or outer surfaces. The decorated clay piece-mold was then fired and reassembled around a clay core. Small bronze

  • The Seven-Years War

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    their opponent's colonial trade. American investors quickly entered this battle, commissioning ships to prey upon cargo vessels coming to and from French colonial holdings in the Americas. Here began the American privateer heritage, and when the American Revolution began many of these same men viewed the opportunity to profit, and resumed their ventures. The American privateer vessel was a ship "armed and fitted out at private expense for the purpose of preying on the enemy's commerce to the profit

  • Sickle Cell Anemia

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    doughnut shape to a sickle or S shape, and becomes stiff rather than soft and flexible like normal red blood cells. This "sickled cell," which resembles a crescent moon, can't continue to glide through the small blood vessels as usual. Instead, it gets stuck in the tiny blood vessels, blocking the flow of blood and causing pain. The spleen, an organ on the left side of the abdomen across from the liver, is responsible for filtering the blood for infections and other abnormalities. Normal red blood

  • Commercial Warfare

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    States now neutral due to the coup of the French monarchy. Neither France, nor Britain upheld the treaty, and hostilities were reassumed. In 1805, Britain seized and condemned the US vessel Essex, engaging in trade with French West Indies. A year later, it was reported that Britain had seized over 120 American vessels. In April of 1806 Congress passed a non-importation act excluding trade with many British products. Britain and France engaged in decrees and counter-decrees against one another

  • Transport In Mammals Essay

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    the demand of all cells, even those deep within the body. In mammals, the pump is the heart. Substances are carried in a transport medium of the blood. The blood is contained within vessels, with substances being released out of, or into the blood as it flows through certain vessels called capillaries. Blood

  • International Business Law, Go

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    carrier that transports more than parties goods. If however a party contracts to employ an entire vessel, then that is know as charterparty. The following paper focuses on the Common Carriage and aspects such as bill of lading, the carriers duties under a bill of lading, the carriers immunities, liability limit, time limitations, and third-party rights. A general ship or a common carrier is a vessel that the owner or operator willing carries goods for more than one person. There are three different

  • Health Effects of Cigarette Smoking

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    Alice Walker makes a great argument against smoking in her short essay, “My Daughter Smokes”, by sharing with the reader a personal experience that she had concerning cigarette smoking. She describes what happened to her father because he was a smoker for most of his life. Walker talks about what happened to his appearance and his health because of smoking. She also makes a point in showing how society and Hollywood make smoking out to be attractive. Walker wrote this essay against smoking for one

  • Angina Pectoris

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    interna, the innermost layer, of blood vessels. As it is stored it starts to build up eventually clogging the vessel. As a result of this all cells feed by the vessel die because of a lack of oxygen. If this condition is found early, it can be corrected with surgical procedures or, in some minor cases, corrective procedures. Surgical procedures include bypass, laser and balloon surgery. In bypass surgery a vein is removed from the lower leg and a clogged vessel is worked around. Often in type of surgery

  • Shipbuilding Industry Of Bangladesh

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    Experts said the country has become a new destination for companies seeking construction of small ocean-going vessels as traditional shipbuilding nations such as South Korea and China now focus on building large ships. Even Vietnam, which is relatively new in ship building, is no longer interested to build small ships weighing upto 25,000 dead weight tonnes. "They want to build bigger vessels because it is relatively cheaper and requires fewer people," Hossain said, adding their reluctance has made

  • The Sharks Potential in the Cure for Human Cancer

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    cartilage that appear to inhibit cancer (93). Curious, I continued to read the rest of the article. The chemicals block a mechanism discovered in the mid-1980s at Harvard University: Tumor cells secrete a protein called angiogenin that entices blood vessels to grow close to cancers and nourish them. The shark extracts counteract angiogenin and the tumor starves (93). I sat there pondering the concept and decided that I would further investigate this intoxicating find. Physiology of the Shark The

  • Chimu Vessel Analysis

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    This 11th-15th century Chimu Vessel found at the Minneapolis Institute of Art, is thought to be a depiction of their Corn God. The Chimu people were located in Peru, and were eventually taken over by the Inca empire. This ceramic piece is small, standing at only eight inches tall. The vessel depicts a person, assumed to be a god, surrounded by some sort of plants, that seem to be corn. Even though this piece is fairly old, the craftsman was probably thinking about the same elements and principles

  • greek vase painting

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    Geometric (c. 900-700 BCE), accounts for the majority of ancient vase painting still in existence today; and as such, affords us the broadest view into this art form. The period attributes its name to the geometric forms that artists used to detail their vessels. The primary decorative motifs that distinguish the period include parallel lines, concentric (Metropolitan Museum of Art) rituals as depicted in this Krater from 750 BCE which is characteristic of this era. The primary scene that occupies the

  • Lasers in Surgery

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    substitute for the scalpel of the past, and the laser's possibilities for the future are broad and promising. Lasers in Surgery The laser is creating a bloodless revolution. A laser works by using heat to obliterate cells. As it cuts, blood vessels are sealed, and tissue is sterilized. The laser is particularly useful in regions of the body that are difficult to reach. Many types of lasers are used in surgery, and the kind (gas, liquid, solid, visible, or unseen) varies based on the procedure

  • Neolithic Pottery

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    objects reveal that fishing and hunting were the main occupations of the people. Neolithic art is represented by a large number of objects found in isolated areas in Eastern Europe, Siberia and Central Asia. Neolithic people decorated clay water vessels in a wide variety of ways that were very large and colorful. They also created bone, horn and wooden figurines of people and animals. The Earliest Neolithic pottery found in Siberia and Central Asia is similar to pottery found in northern Britain

  • Japanese Art

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    are the Archaic, Ask, Heian, Kamakura, Askikaga and the Ego periods. Each Period has taken Japan to a new level of art. Starting with the Archaic period, Japan was a prehistoric society where its art consisted of well crafted vessels, vases, and tools. Most vessels and vases were constructed to look like they were surrounded in rope but in reality it was part of the ceramic and clay pieces. They lived in pit dwellings with thatched roofs on bamboo stilts. The Japanese did however build

  • Beneficial Results of a Tactical Failure

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    Aura Ceramics my intentions changed. Once I sat down to make my pottery, I decided to make something I thought would have been useful to hunter-gatherer societies, to the individuals that first utilized pottery. I tried to imagine what sorts of vessels would have been a necessity to these people. I concluded that a larger container capable of carrying water over distances would have been more useful than a smaller bowl. I wanted to make a container large enough to transport water. It needed to be

  • Bruises

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    A bruise is one of the most common types of injury. It occurs when there is a blow or fall that causes small blood vessels to break under the skin. The discoloration and swelling in the skin are caused by the blood seeping into the tissue. The symptoms are pain, a redness that later turns blue, then green, then brown and yellow before fading away. Cold compresses or ice are useful immediately after the injury. This reduces local bleeding and swelling. If the bruise is on the extremities elevate the

  • Eulogy for Father

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    before manifest creation, everything that ever would be was contained within the Creator as pure potentiality. This field without end created vessels through which its divine energy could pass and differentiate, each representing a specific attribute, such as wisdom, compassion, kindness and strength. The energy being transmitted was so powerful that the vessels shattered. It is said that some of these shattered pieces of divine energy fell to earth as sparks where they have remained all these eons