Lasers in Surgery

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Lasers in Surgery

Abstract: The laser is gaining increasing popularity in the medical field because of its broad application, efficiency, and improvement in overall ease of the procedures in which it is used.. The laser can treat an enormous range of ailments. The chronic nighttime snorer can give those around him relief by a simple procedure with the laser. In dermatology, the laser can be used for removing moles, tattoos, birthmarks, treating wrinkles, and possibly destroying skin cancer. The once dreaded trips to the dentist may become less painful since the laser is helping to replace the drill and Novocain. The laser also is becoming increasingly popular in orthopedics for treating shoulder, knee, and back ailments. For women many gynecological problems ranging from infertility to endometriosis can be treated with the laser. For small, precise work the laser is indispensable such as in the eye. Unfortunately, since laser medicine is still rapidly developing, it has experienced its pitfalls in some areas like cardiology. Overall, the laser is an invaluable substitute for the scalpel of the past, and the laser's possibilities for the future are broad and promising.

Lasers in Surgery

The laser is creating a bloodless revolution. A laser works by using heat to obliterate cells. As it cuts, blood vessels are sealed, and tissue is sterilized. The laser is particularly useful in regions of the body that are difficult to reach. Many types of lasers are used in surgery, and the kind (gas, liquid, solid, visible, or unseen) varies based on the procedure. Choosing the laser to fit the procedure is essential because otherwise damage such as fires, eye harm, a charred cheek, a chipped t...

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...ion to use lasers at local hospitals are generally reputable.

Laser surgery is a pioneering field of medicine. The laser is used for some type of procedure in practically every specialty field. Doctors are researching the laser for even more increased use because it provides a noninvasive, quicker, and less painful approach to many procedures. In the future, the laser will become an increasingly common place medical tool.


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