Vassar College Essays

  • Maria Mitchell Research Paper

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    middle of paper ... ...iography”). As well as being a powerful beginning to opening women’s potential into science, she would later befriend Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Susan B. Anthony, amongst other women rights leaders. Maria Mitchel retired from Vassar in 1888, but continued her research. Sadly though, she passed away on June 28, 1889 of a brain disease, but not before proving her women’s potential in science (“Young and Brave”). After her death, Maria Mitchell was elected to the Hall of Fame of

  • Crystal Eastman's Essay 'Now We Can Begin'

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    Women faced multiple challenges to establish themselves as equals to men throughout history however, this would have never been possible if not for social progress movements to eliminate gender barriers. Consider the statements of “that is woman’s work” and “that is man’s work”. First, imagine the year is 1920; what vision instantly comes to your mind in what was woman’s work and what was man’s work? Now, fast forward to current day; what instantly comes to mind in consideration of what is woman’s

  • Elizabeth Bishop's One Art

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    Considered by many as a poet for poets, Elizabeth Bishop was one of the most refined voices of the American poetry of the last century. She was known as one of the best female American poets of the contemporary period famous for her style patent with simplicity and precision. Her work was famous for disclosing the mysteries of her personal life by cleverly chosen representations. In her very-famous villanelle, “One Art,” Bishop’s tone seems relaxed at first impression, yet the reader can later

  • Elizabeth Bishop Roosters

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    in 1911. She began her young life in New England, and later moved to Nova Scotia in Canada after her father died and her mother was committed. After basic education, Bishop attended Vassar College in the state of New York. Bishop met Mary McCarthy, and they worked together on a literary magazine while attending Vassar called Con Spirito. Bishop graduated with a bachelor's degree in 1934. After graduating, Bishop pursued her literary career and became wealthy as a result. Due to the overwhelming popularity

  • Anthony Bourdain Thesis

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    The Controversial Life of Anthony Bourdain With a “net worth [of around] $16 million”, the path to success looks unconventional for Anthony Bourdain (Famous 1). From his issues that piled up early in life to his thriving popularity, there is a complex life that shaped him. Although undisciplined, Anthony Bourdain learns from his mistakes and is living a complete life. The pursuits of Anthony Bourdain’s career began as a young child. He was born in New York City, although his father, Pierre Bourdain

  • Nt1310 Unit 9 Final Project

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    When she was forty years old in 1946, she was divorced, and Hopper still had no children. In the time following that, Hopper quit her job at Vassar, and she continued to be a researcher at Harvard’s Laboratory. Shortly thereafter, Hopper decided to leave Harvard, and she joined the Eckert-Mauchly Computer Corporation as a senior mathematician when she was about 43 years old in 1949. There,

  • Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations

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    Anthony Bourdain. If you happen to be a food aficionado, then you most likely know who this man is, and then there are some of you who have no idea who this ‘Anthony Bourdain’ is. According to Wikipedia, “Anthony Bourdain is an American chef and author”; Bourdain is known for hosting some of the Travel Channel’s culinary programs such as: The Layover and Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations. On his show, Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations, Bourdain travels to different countries and experiences their

  • Vassar Transfer Program

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    especially when creating a college list. Visiting colleges for a brief time gives you a glimpse of what the campus community is like, but it’s a totally different experience when you dorm as a student. I wanted to know what it was like to live in a residential university, to be immersed in a student community, and to be able to create long lasting relationships. Luckily for me, I was informed of the exploring transfer program at Vassar College. This program selects 30 community college students from different

  • Grace Murray Hopper's Impact On The World

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    failing a Latin Exam. Once she mastered this task, she entered Vassar College to major in math and physics. After earning her Bachelor’s degree, Hopper proceeded to Yale University where she earned a Masters degree in Mathematics. Starting in 1931, she began teaching at Vassar College while pursuing a PhD in her strong field of Mathematics at Yale, where she would go on and earn the prestigious degree. Hopper continued to teach at Vassar College up until World War 2 when she decided to enlist for the Navy

  • Caroline Bird College Is A Waste Of Time Summary

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    College, the most common choice for a student who wants to pursue an upper education. A majority of students that attend college turn out to be successful in what they eventually pursue. However, there is also a small portion of students that go to college and end up dropping out or do not find a job upon graduation. The author uses this fact to drive home her main point. Caroline Bird, the author of “College is a Waste of Time and Money”, makes a claim that college is a waste; however, it is ineffective

  • Laguardia Community College Research Paper

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    History of LaGuardia Community College: LaGuardia Community College was founded on January 22, 1968 by a declaration of the Board of Higher Education of the City of New York, a New York State agency which was the agency in place before the Board of Trustees of the City University of New York. The college's first president was Dr. Joseph Shenker, who had been Acting President of Kingsborough Community College. At age 29 he was the youngest community college president anywhere. In October 1970, the

  • Industrial Revolution Women's Suffrage Essay

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    little dreamed when we began this contest that half a century later we would be compelled to leave the finish of the battle to another generation of women. But our hearts are filled with joy to know that they enter upon this task equipped with a college education, with business experience, with the freely admitted right to speak in public—all of which were denied to women 50 years ago." (Horner, Weisberg) In this quote, Anthony is telling us that in the beginning of her long fight for women’s rights

  • Reid Residence Hall Research Paper

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    sleeping and residential quarters for a large quantity of students. At a small all-women’s college, a dormitory is all of these things, it is also a place of congregation, and the placement of the dormitories is to promote the safety and wellbeing of the students. The placement of the dormitories on campus is a special design to that of an all-woman’s college, though not built in a seminary style like Vassar, which was designed to be under one roof, the buildings of Sweet Briar face each other and

  • The Hardship of Going to College

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    Hardships of College Going to college will be the best time of people’s lives, but getting into college just might be the worst. These topics being discussed are good to talk about for upcoming college kids to help them get through this troubling time and inform them that they have options. Getting into college is so difficult due to the high costs of tuition, selectiveness of the college, and also just finding the best fit college for incoming freshmen. Finding a college that is in the right price

  • Equality of Access or Opportunity: The Role of Women's Colleges in the 21st Century

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    Equality of Access or Opportunity: The Role of Women's Colleges in the 21st Century 1. In 2001, almost fifteen million students attended postsecondary institutions in the United States and more than half of these students were women. Of these female students, ninety-eight percent of them attended coeducational institutions, but only two percent of them attended women's colleges (Langdon 2). While this data statistically documents American society's strong belief in the value of coeducation, it

  • It's Time To Put and End to Sexting

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    Jesse Logan was a girl who had just graduated from high school when she was humiliated by her ex-boyfriend to an unforgivable state.  She sent a fully frontal nude photograph of herself to her then-boyfriend, which is now known as sexting.  After their breakup, the ex-boyfriend forwarded Jesse's sext to their entire school, causing her embarrassment and humiliation.  She then did an interview with the Today Show stating "I just want to make sure no one else will have to go through this again."  Two

  • Celebrating Multiculturalism

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    Question Answered: Discuss the way(s) in which International Education celebrates multiculturalism. Outline the values of diversity in the context of modern education. International education brings the ideas of many to one place of learning. These ideas express different views of different topics. Being exposed to different views and ideas help us learn the subject matter more effectively. This is primarily because when we are surrounded by people who are from the same place that we are,

  • Shadows in Fifth Business

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    Shadows in Fifth Business Incidences that occur in one's childhood tend to affect them possibly for the rest of the rest of their life.  This applies to the novel Fifth Business and the characters Dunstan Ramsey and Boy Staunton.  Throughout the lives of these characters Dunstan lives in the shadow of Boy due to feelings of guilt and responsibility as a result of one winter evening in the town of Deptford. As Boy and Dunny grew up together they were each others best friends and also worst enemies

  • The Face of Fear

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    and look fear in the face. You are able to say to yourself, '...I can take the next thing that comes along.'...You must do the thing you think you cannot do (Eleanor Roosevelt)." Every time I read these words, I am able to see the truth in them. College to me is the next step that I must take in life. Although this next step comes with much trepidation and apprehension, it is a necessary step that I must take to forever better and prepare myself for the life that I wish to lead. State University

  • The Importance of Education

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    After twelve years of school, it took me until now to figure out exactly why I had been there all those years. It was not to torture me by making me learn how to spell but to make sure that my classmates and I got the opportunity to make the most of ourselves. Opportunity that would come from learning as much as possible from books and beginning to see that the world focuses on more than just history and English . I owe my success in life and school to teachers who taught me to spell and to be respectful