It's Time To Put and End to Sexting

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Jesse Logan was a girl who had just graduated from high school when she was humiliated by her ex-boyfriend to an unforgivable state. She sent a fully frontal nude photograph of herself to her then-boyfriend, which is now known as sexting. After their breakup, the ex-boyfriend forwarded Jesse's sext to their entire school, causing her embarrassment and humiliation. She then did an interview with the Today Show stating "I just want to make sure no one else will have to go through this again." Two months later she was found in her bedroom. She hanged herself. As a nation, how is it going to be possible to implement a policy that will work sufficiently? I believe that through annual, educational assemblies in elementary schools for grades four through six, junior high schools for grades seven through nine, and high schools for grades ten through twelve, there will be a recognition by the student body of what exactly privacy is, what sexting is, and how it can harm futures with the click of a "send" button. Understanding exactly what sexting is will be crucial for the students. This will be the most applicable and effective way to cut back on the sexting numbers in the United States.

Sexting can be defined by Urban Dictionary as "the act of text messaging someone in the hopes of having a sexual encounter with them later; initially casual, transitioning into highly suggestive and even sexually explicit" (Urban Dictionary). "Initially casual" and "highly suggestive" can mean anything from a sexual innuendo, to sending, receiving, or possessing nude pictures of someone. This definition will be the basis for the annual assemblies that will be implemented into schools across the nation.

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...use child pornography is the only real law being violated. There is no law for adult pornography, only the consequences of sexting which need to be taught to the youth.

Considering the growing numbers of sexting individuals in the United States, this issue needs to be addressed. It had ruined lives, such as Jesse Logan, who was a bright young girl who had no reason to take her own life away. There can be a policy that is easily implemented that will educate the students of today, to teach them exactly what sexting is and how it can tarnish reputations and futures. This will include annual assemblies in schools in three groups: four through six, seven through nine, and ten through twelves. The educational process of this will hopefully shock the students into thinking twice before hitting that "send" button on their phone when considering to sext someone.