Anthony Bourdain Thesis

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The Controversial Life of Anthony Bourdain With a “net worth [of around] $16 million”, the path to success looks unconventional for Anthony Bourdain (Famous 1). From his issues that piled up early in life to his thriving popularity, there is a complex life that shaped him. Although undisciplined, Anthony Bourdain learns from his mistakes and is living a complete life. The pursuits of Anthony Bourdain’s career began as a young child. He was born in New York City, although his father, Pierre Bourdain, an executive in a music recording industry, and mother, Gladys Bourdain, moved their family to New Jersey when Anthony was young (Keefe 27). New York is a well known area for media which was a platform for Anthony’s quick popularity as he later moved back to his birth place. Although he did not take many trips as a child, he did take one that enticed him to push towards the food industry. On a trip to France as a 10 year old, he discovered his love of food while …show more content…

He fell in love with his high school sweetheart, Nancy Putkoski, who was older then him. Nancy’s reputation of hanging out with druggie crowds can strongly explain Anthony’s later issues with drugs such as cocaine, heroin, and cannabis (Keefe 29 & Famous 2). In addition, Anthony had relationship problems. He married “Nancy [from] 1980- 2000”, when they divorced over unspoken issues (Famous 1). Later in 2007, he decided to marry again to Ottavia Busia. They had a baby girl named Adriane who motivated Anthony to put an end to his smoking and drug use in an effort to become a father figure that she could look up to. On the topic of substance abuse he stated, ‘ only one out of four people’ quit successfully and he is lucky to be one of them (Keefe 75)Subsequently, this marriage ultimately ended in a divorce as well. Despite this, Anthony battled through these personal struggles and settled into a successful

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