Why was the United States Army forced to Withdraw from Vietnam?

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The Vietnam War, also known as the American War, and the Second Indochina War started on December 1956. 58,000 Americans were killed. The war ended on the 30th April 1975, along with a withdrawal of the United States army, and the South and the North of Vietnam reunited. The US government, led by Lyndon Baines Johnson, tried to stop communism from spreading in North Vietnam, because if Vietnam became a communist country, the nearby countries, such as Laos, Thailand, and Cambodia may be affected and become communist countries as well, like a domino, gradually turning down the countries in agreeing in being a communist, called the ’domino theory’. On the other hand, South Vietnam was a capitalist. On 1965, the US army flew 8,000 miles, and landed on South Vietnam, to fight against communism. North Vietnam was supported by the USSR, Russia. There are many ways the Vietnamese army, known as the Vietcong, used to win the war, and force the US army to withdraw. In 1969, when Richard Nixon became the new president, he started working on removing the troops from Vietnam. In 1973, there was finally an end in the peace talks that was held in Paris and the United States army backed off. There are also many flaws of the US army to end up losing the war. The major factors are the tactics of each country, popular support from their home country, weapons, supplies and resources, and lastly, confidence and motivation of the soldiers at war. So what was the main reason that answers the question to, why was the United States army forced to withdraw from Vietnam, and which one is the most important? Different weapons, supplies and resources are one of the factors, which affected both armies. Firstly, as America was the richest country in the world... ... middle of paper ... ... This is because their tactics, such as bombings, and the spraying of deadly chemicals are harmful, and destructing the environment of local citizens of Vietnam, whereas America came all the way, to persuade North Vietnam to be a capitalist instead of communist. By damaging the people’s food, and lives, America had lost the support of Vietnam people, and they changed, to support the Vietcong, communism, which might have affected the way the Vietcong fought again the US. Popular support is the second, and confidence the third, because the tactics affects them, by having poor tactics, you lose hope in your army, and therefore, soldiers become demoralised and less confident. Weapons are the least important, because they have better equipments than Vietnam, but it was the tactics, which made poor uses of them, and wasted the money, and time spent to be sent to Vietnam.
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