Trials and Achievements of Women Nurses of WWII

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The purpose of this essay is to explain and provide information concerning the bravery and trials our Nations World War II Nurses endured. During World War II the need for Army Nurses was so great that the Army Nurse Corps started allowing healthy willing women to join, and the United States Military found many uses for these eager ladies. The change in American society during World War II included more opportunities and a higher status for American Women Nurses with increasing educational advantages provided by the government. Complications with staffing and medical supplies during the bombings of Pearl Harbor, Schofield Hospital, and Hickam Field shows their ability to handle pressure and be useful in crisis situations. A new field training was then developed for all newly commissioned nurses, by Lt. Gen. Brehan B. Somervell the Commanding General of the Army Service Forces. December 1943 the existing and future demand of Army Nurses was decided that their were enough by the United States War Department, and all local volunteer committees were notified to stop recruiting by the Red Cross via telegram.

During World War II, with more than 59,000 nurses serving in the Army Nurse Corps, their were many different nursing practices undertaken by women. The dangerous situations these amazing women were faced with as nurses in field hospitals constantly under fire. “I’m on night duty, twelve hours and it’s really rugged. Were having an air raid again. I have six wards of patients. Some of them are frantic. I’ve given the worst ones all their ordered sedation. I can hear the Germans go overhead time after time. You just keep on doing whatever has to be done. I’m so tired. –June Wandrey, Combat Nurse” (Those Incredib...

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... and that medical units in the European theater were being strained to the braking point.” President Franklin D. Roosevelt presented that nurses be drafted. The nurse draft bill was passed in the house but was one vote shy of passing in the senate before Germany surrendered. In the meantime over 10,000 Army nurses were enrolled in 1945, making the bill unnecessary.

The purpose of this essay was to inform, and explain the trials and accomplishments our brave Nations United States Army Corps Women Nurses went through. They were amazing women valiant in their duties, training to better help their fellow servicemen. They risked their lives at times, and for the common good of the war effort. “WOMEN WHO STEPPED UP WERE MEASURED AS CITIZENS OF THE NATION, NOT AS WOMEN THIS IS A PEOPLES WAR AND EVERYONE WAS IN IT.”(Quote from the World War II memorial in Hawaii).

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