Becoming A Military Strategist For The United States Army

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Is there such a thing as a dream job? A perfect job that you really want or desire to have is what I consider a dream job. Everyone at one time in their life has dreamt of a perfect job that they want to pursue and make lots of money from. For me, my dream jobs are military strategist, military engineer, or military solider. This was a dream of mine for as long as I can remember. Let me share with you the obstacles that I need to overcome in order to fulfill my dream jobs. Obstacle 1, earn a degree in Strategic and Defense Analysis. What does this degree mean? It means my all-time dream of becoming a military strategist for the United States Armed Forces. Before I even talk about my degree, let me explain the process of earning a Bachelor’s …show more content…

When my mandatory military duty ends, I will enroll into the United States Army War College (USAWC). USAWC is a two year program for students to earn a Bachelor of Science in Strategic and Defense Analysis. The program consists of 5 components, Orientation to Strategic Leadership Education, Strategic leadership, National Security policy and strategy, War and Military Strategy, and Strategic Leadership in a Global Environment. In these various course, students examine the foundations of leadership at the strategic level with evaluating competencies and challenges and civil military relations, study strategic decision making to include critical and creative thinking and ethical decision making, and apply Strategic Leader competencies and decision making factors to a volatile, uncertain, complex, and …show more content…

It is a really important to know all obstacles that I will face when achieving my dream job. This way, I won’t waste my time in pursuing a job that I’m not determined to get. No matter if I’m a strategist, engineer or soldier, it seems that a military career is in my future. Since both my great-grand fathers fought in WWII as army soldiers, I’m not sure if it’s in my blood to pursue a military career. Overall, I think I would want to be the military strategist. I always had a tactical mind when it comes to army types of thing but not really when it comes to homework. Not only will I be pursuing a career in the military, I will also proudly serve my country

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