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  • Sport Utility Vehicle

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    excitement and of course new sales. In the 1990s and 2000s, a new breed of vehicle was introduced, the sport utility vehicle (SUV). This was a marketing term for vehicles similar to the station wagons of the 70s but built on a truck chassis. These vehicles were perceived as rugged and capable of being used off road. Since they were considered trucks, they were less regulated as cars and had poor fuel economy. Nevertheless, these vehicles grew in popularity due to their versatility and low gas prices at the


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    everywhere these days, on the way to work, on the highways, parked in every driveway and hundreds of them by every shopping center. Sports utility vehicles have given a new meaning to the word car. When it comes to safety, SUV's (sports utility vehicle) are by far the most dangerous vehicles on the road, and the road is exactly the place they should not be. Sports utility vehicles are designed for off road driving. It seems like bigger the body is on a SUV, the more popular it is; the SUV's that we see on

  • America's Love for Sport Utility Vehicles

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    America's Love for Sport Utility Vehicles They have taken America by storm. Defined as “rugged automotive vehicles similar to a station wagon but built on a light truck chassis” (Gurlanik 723), Sport Utility Vehicles (SUVs) have taken over the roads. The automobile industry is full of them and nearly every automaker has its own version of the vehicle. Drivers like the roominess, the comfort and the status they provide and SUVs are springing up across suburbs and cities like mushrooms (Davidson

  • Sport Utility Vehicle Case Study

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    EXECUTIVE SUMMARY A Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) is a vehicle similar to an estate car that is loaded with four –wheel drive for on-road or off-road ability. SUV s are evolved from military vehicle such as World War II jeep and Land Rover. A Recent study by a Global research firm shows some interesting information about Indian SUV Market .It predicts that by the year 2020, the SUV Sales growth will overtake sales growth of passenger vehicle in Indian market. The main reason behind this change

  • Toyota SWOTEW And Industry Analysis: Toyota Industry Overview

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    1930’s. This Japanese company manufactures, assembles, designs, and sales cars, trucks, SUVS, minivans, and related parts and accessories conducting its business worldwide with 53 overseas manufacturing companies in 28 countries and regions. Toyota 's vehicles are sold in more than 170 countries and regions. 1 According to the World Investment Report, Toyota is ranked number 2 on the world’s top non-financial Multinational Enterprises (MNE). As of March 31, 2016, Toyota net income has jumped to $19.271

  • Electric Cars

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    car? Now, what electric vehicles really are? Simply put, electric vehicles are vehicles that are powered by an electric motor instead of an internal combustion engine. Electric vehicle use electricity as the “fuel” instead of gasoline or some other combustible fuel. The electric motor in an electric vehicle converts electricity, usually from a battery pack, into mechanical power to turn the wheels. Major auto manufacturers are producing high-performance electric vehicles not only in the form of cars

  • Summary Of Why Environmentalists Attack The SUV

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    Sports Utility Vehicles have long maintained the reputation of being gas guzzlers and detrimental to the environment. In the article, “Why Environmentalists Attack the SUV,” Mr. John Bragg presents the argument that the SUV is a symbol of Americanism. While it is easy to understand his thinking, it is largely based upon subjective reasoning.  Conversely, the article, “Environmental Double Standards for Sport Utility Vehicles,” postulates that SUV’s represent a paradox to consumers. Additionally

  • Would You Buy a Car That Looked Like This

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    about the impact SUV’s have on our roadways, and the air we breathe. “Would You Buy a Car That Looked like This? “. The title alone gives great insight on what the article is going to be about, (vehicles). “They clog the streets and litter the pages of weekend colour *supplements. Sport utility vehicles or SUV’s have become badges of middle class aspiration” (Simms 542). Simms opening statement not only gives his opinion on how SUV’s are the new trend, but he also paints a picture of what we see

  • My Best Friend's Death

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    tions to my head. My friend was not as fortunate. He suffered from multiple injuries to the head and chest. I later learned that while we were in the trauma room he passed away. The similarity between the two of us was uncanny. We both played sports at a high level, we were good students, and even had the same job. What if I had driven that day? It could have easily been me instead of him. Many things can happen in life. However, I never counted on dreadful things to become reality, only

  • Voice Recognition Technologies

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    20th century, the Internet and computers exploded to take control of much of our society. Computers are now everywhere. This is evident in another rapidly advancing industry, and that is the automotive industry. Cars, trucks, vans, and sport utility vehicles are rapidly becoming more and more computer driven. The most advanced safety features in a car, such as Anti-lock brakes, Traction Control, Active Stability, and even the air bags are control by shock sensors sent to a computer for analysis

  • Persuasive Essay On Luxury Cars

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    were largely dropped from vehicle lineups in favor of minivans. Down through the years, we have seen such models as the Dodge Magnum and Cadillac CTS sport wagon appear briefly, then disappear. Most recently, this writer reviewed the Buick

  • Bill McKibben's "Driving Global Warming"

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    tells them that if we continue to burn fuel at the current speed, the earth's temperature will increase four to eleven degrees before the end of the century. The results of this study should alarm SUV buyers of the damages that a fuel inefficient vehicle causes to the ozone layer. McKibben states that the damage that CO2 has caused to the ozone layer has already reduced the thickness of artic ice to 40 percent from what it was 40 years ago. He also gives the readers a startling fact that Polar Bears

  • The Economy and SUVs

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    SUV’s have become the center of a large controversy in the last couple of years. Many studies have been conducted on the relation to the economy and the popularity of the SUV. The sport utility vehicle not only affects the economy with its gas-guzzling capabilities during a time of war, but with the safety questions that have continued to arise. “Automobiles have a large impact on the quality of our environment and public health. Automobile use affects virtually every aspect of environmental quality

  • The Debated and Hated SUV

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    Debated and Hated SUV Since the early 1990s, the car market has become saturated with sport utility vehicles. While SUV’s have been enthusiastically received by a wide spectrum of the demographic – everyone from teenagers to soccer moms -- not all are excited by its arrival. Some of the current complaints with SUVs have to do with their ridiculous size and relative fuel inefficiency. Others criticize the vehicles as being unsafe, and certainly unnecessary, for the tasks for which they are commonly

  • Media Campaigns in the SUV Debate

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    is self-described: “AFEC is a nonprofit group dedicated to decreasing America’s reliance on foreign oil.” The mission of the Detroit Project is: “to mount a citizens’ ad campaign aimed at getting people to stop driving SUVs and other gas-guzzling vehicles – and jolting our leaders into taking action.” To meet these goals the Detroit Project has produced and aired two tv spots that suggest that operating an SUV provides funds to terrorist groups. The ads are patterned after ads put out by the Bush

  • The Recall of Firestone Tires

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    situation of the driver maintaining a speed of 65 miles per hour, the tires shredded and the rubber peeled away from the rim. Most of the tire failures involved Ford Explorer sport utility vehicles. These accidents occurred after tire treads peeled off, causing tires to burst and malfunction then drivers lost control of their vehicles which resulted in crashes and turnovers. The tires involved are made up of many different materials layered around an inner shell. The outermost layer is the tread, which

  • Parts Of Automobile

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    component of most systems in which air is used for industrial processes, ventilation, or comfort air conditioning. Automobile self starter – the bell housing is part of the transmission system on a gasoline (also known as petrol) or diesel powered vehicle. It is bolted to the engine block and contains the flywheel and the torque converter or clutch of the transmission. The starter motor is usually mounted here engaging with a ring gear on the flywheel. On the opposite end to the engine is usually bolted

  • Utility Terrain Vehicles (UTV)

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    Utility Terrain Vehicles (UTV): Utility Terrain Vehicles or Utility type Vehicles or Side by Side or Recreational Off- highway Vehicle is a small 2-6 person four-wheel drive off-road vehicle, capable of carrying loads. Utility Terrain Vehicles are subclass of Off-Road vehicle and different from All-Terrain Vehicles. Utility terrain Vehicles are different from passenger cars and mini trucks in many aspects. These vehicles are not provided with all the features that a normal car have, but serves

  • Comparison of BMW and Mercedes Benz

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    Mercedes Benz and a BMW are. Two specific cars are the 2000 BMW M 2-door Coupe 3.2L, 2000 BMW X5 sports activity vehicle 4-door sport utility 4.4L, 2000 Mercedes-Benz CLK 430 2- door Coupe 4.3L, and the 2000 Mercedes-Benz SLK 230 Kompressor 2-door convertible 2.3L. In this report I will be tlaking about these specific types of Mercedes-Benz and BMW. The Bmw X5 is a 4- door, 5 passenger sport utility available in one trim only. Th X5 is quipped with a standard 4.4-liter, V8, 282-horsepower engine

  • Chevy Truck Ignition Switch Problem

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    Chevrolet Truck Ignition Switch Problem The Chevrolet truck ignition switch problem is commonly found on two separate generations of Chevy pickup trucks and sport utility vehicles. The older style ignition switch on the 1995 through 1999 trucks exhibits a different list of symptoms associated with the failed part. On the 2000 and newer Chevrolet Silverado, Suburban and Tahoe trucks we have the same ignition switch problem that exhibits different symptoms than the older trucks. Fortunately, I have