Utility Terrain Vehicles (UTV)

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Utility Terrain Vehicles (UTV): Utility Terrain Vehicles or Utility type Vehicles or Side by Side or Recreational Off- highway Vehicle is a small 2-6 person four-wheel drive off-road vehicle, capable of carrying loads. Utility Terrain Vehicles are subclass of Off-Road vehicle and different from All-Terrain Vehicles. Utility terrain Vehicles are different from passenger cars and mini trucks in many aspects. These vehicles are not provided with all the features that a normal car have, but serves the purpose effectively. UTV´s are run by Single or Multi-Cylinder Diesel or Gasoline engines. These vehicles are light in weight and provided with good suspension systems. UTV´s are getting more popular because of their unique design that allows them to run on all terrains. UTV´s run with low-pressure tires, which provides better traction on Off-Roads. UTV´s …show more content…

Utility Terrain Vehicles are with 4 or 6 low-pressure tires and provided with a steering wheel. Whereas All-Terrain Vehicles are steered with a handlebar. ATV`s are provided with handlebar throttle and footbrake. Whereas in UTV´s accelerator and brake pedals are provided, just like in a normal car. UTV´s are capable of carrying two or more person, whereas ATV´s are restricted to one or two persons. In contrast with the ATV´s straddled seating system, UTV´s are provided with Bucket or Bench seats for at least two occupants and belt guides for passenger’s safety. In addition, UTV´s are developed with Rollover protection system (ROPS) to protect the occupants from the rollover of the vehicle. Rollover protection system, when properly combined with the fastened seat belts can effectively prevent the occupants from serious injuries in vehicle rollovers. All-terrain Vehicles are not supplied with the occupant safety systems and is resulting in major injuries and deaths of the occupants in vehicle

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  • Explains that utvs are getting popular due to compactness and special characteristics like the drive in unpaved terrain.
  • Explains that utility terrain vehicles are subclass of off-road vehicles and different from all-terrain vehicles in many aspects.
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