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The History of Spain The Spaniard civilization can date all the way back to the Stone Age. Because of its agricultural wealth, Spain was acknowledged to have people occupy its land approximately 32,000 years ago. In A.D. 409, Spain was overrun by German invaders, but they were later forced out of the country and into Africa by a group called the Visigoths. The Visigoths, however, would soon lose control over Spain from a battle lost by the Byzantine Empire in 507. By 585, they would regain control over Spain and lived side by side under two separate laws between themselves and the Spaniards. In 711, North African Moors sailed across the straits, swept into Andalusia, and within a few years, pushed the Visigoths up the peninsula to the Cantabrian Mountains.
Spain, dating back to 756, used to be a Muslim state and covered the entire land except for the northern most part of it. It was not until 778 when the Spanish March was created in order to merge the Muslim and Christian cultures together. However, with the lack of unity over the years, a bloody rivalry continued as the two sides fought constantly until a victory was won. The Christians received the victory because of its religious enthusiasm and dynamic expansion, which caused their side to continue to live in harmony and peace.
Before Spain became part of the Roman Empire, it was occupied by Celts, Iberians, and Basques. Not until after Spain became ruled by a Roman emperor named Ataulf did it finally become independent and its own entity. In the year 1469, the country was brought together by the marriage of Ferdinand II and his wife Isabella I. Nearly ten years later; they tried to convert whatever religion that was not Christianity to it. Not long after the conversion of the other religions, Roman Catholicism was discovered, established, and became the official religion and whoever did not convert over were

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that spain is located on the iberian peninsula in southwestern europe and is known for its unique culture and high living standards.
  • Explains that spain attempted to invade england by the dispatch of king philip ii but was unsuccessful during the anglo-spanish war.
  • Explains how the spanish civilization dates back to the stone age.
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