Welcome to Spain: How to Enjoy Spain

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Welcome to Spain

We are going to take a journey to Spain and look at some of their customs. While doing research I have realized that the people in Spain believe it is important to show respect with proper manners. It is imperative that when going to Spain on business or vacation that you be familiar with some of their customs. To prepare you I will discuss some of the key points in your visit. First I will explain the different language used. Next let me demonstrate to you a proper greeting. Next I will describe the typical way to dress and dining etiquette. Finally I will be finishing with units of measure and currency. So let our journey begin with language!

Is Spanish the only language?

Spain is diverse when it comes to which language they speak. They have four beautiful languages that are considered official. It will just depend on what region you are in on what language they will be speaking. Please refer to the map at the top of the next page to see the different regions. I have had the privilege of having conversations with CCCC RRRR my friend from Barcelona, Spain whose official language is Catalan. He does recognize Spanish, but he prefers to speak Catalan. In Spain a majority of the people speaks “Spanish, also called Castilian. Some people speak Galician in Galicia and Basque region. In Catalonia and Balearic Islands the people speak Catalan. And in the Valencia region they speak Valencian.” (Kwintessential) It would be beneficial to know Spanish, however your trip might be just as enjoyable if you could speak and understand a few words in the other official language of the region you are in.

Is it Hola or Buenos Dias?

Depending on the type of setting you are in will depend on what verbal greeting you will say...

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In this essay, the author

  • Explains that the people in spain believe it is important to show respect with proper manners. they will explain the different language used, demonstrate a proper greeting, and describe the typical way to dress and dining etiquette.
  • Explains that spain is diverse when it comes to which language they speak. it will depend on which region you are in.
  • Explains that buenos dias or bon dia if you are from barcelona is a respectful and formal way to greet somebody.
  • Opines that the people of spain greet people they know differently than those they do not know.
  • Analyzes how rrr loves to use his hands when he talks. he only touches a person's shoulder if they are his friend and knows you well. women should be careful with eye contact.
  • Advises that women should show pride and dress where they are not showing much skin, while men should wear woolen or linen suits and silk ties and white cotton shirts.
  • Opines that americans expect the same manners at the table as they do here in the united states. they remember being yelled at by their grandma for resting their wrists.
  • Explains the metric system used by crrr in spain, where the speed limit is 70 mph, and uses kilograms instead of pounds.
  • Explains that rrrr's currency, euro, is more valuable than ours, but the exchange value of money is constantly changing.
  • Opines that spain would be an impressive place to take a vacation, but it would take some getting used to.
  • Concludes that it is important to show respect to the spaniards by learning to speak a few words in the official language that they recognize.
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