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  • Safe Sex: The Practice Of Safe Sex

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    The Practice of Safe Sex Today I have want to share with you my point of view and my perspective about the essential role practicing safe sex should play in our lives. Today, we have at our disposal quite the arsenal of prevention methods for practicing safer sex. But just like any tool in the toolbox, it is vital that we know how to use them. Protecting yourself and your sexual partner from STD’s or unwanted pregnancies is not something to be ashamed of but perceptive. I will be giving you some

  • Safe Sex Is No Sex

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    Safe Sex is no Sex When kids become teenagers, they start to form romantic relationships. Within these relationships, they tend to start engaging in sexual intercourse. Yes, teenagers are having sex and most of the time they get involved without considering the consequences that they might face like STD’s and teenage pregnancy. Both of these have been raising conflict with in our society as a result of teenagers engaging in sexual activity. Teenagers should practice abstinence until marriage because

  • Safe Sex For the Catholic Student in a Public High School

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    Safe Sex For the Catholic Student in a Public High School The teachings of the Catholic Church regarding sex are unequivocal: Catholics should abstain from sex until marriage and then practice monogamy in marriage until they are separated by death. It is the Catholic Church's understanding that all sex in this context is "safe". Hence, in the sexual ideology of Catholic dogma "safe sex" means abstinence and nothing else. And yet despite this, every Catholic in the United States knows what is

  • safe sex campaigns

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    we must also consider our primal needs as well. One of our most basic primal instincts is our sexual drive and our need for intimacy and affection. Sex is not only how our race pro-creates, but it’s also our need for intimacy and affection that keeps us all searching. Whether we are hunting for a life mate or a mate for the night, our drive for sex is one of our most basic functions. When we consider our primal needs in a decadent world, we must make sure that we are not getting too consumed with

  • Teenagers Need Safe Sex Education

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    other hand, there is safe sex education. Safe sex education teaches teenagers facts about intercourse they need to know, acknowledges the potential consequences or risks of sexual behavior, and helps them make better decisions to protect themselves and their bodies. Background There are a few major differences between safe sex education and abstinence only. Abstinence only education is all about, “just saying no.” They teach to abstain from all sexual acts until marriage. Safe sex education takes

  • Persuasive Essay On Safe Sex Education

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    Everyone knows the importance of having American students educated about sex; whether they are taught safe sex or abstinence. Safe sex education is important for people of all ages, that is why this type of education should be required for all ninth grade students across the United States for public, private, and homeschooled individuals. Abstinence is also an important lesson to be taught in life; it is the only way not to receive an STD, otherwise known as STI, as well as the only way to avoid

  • How to Protect Yourself and have Safe Sex

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    How to Protect Yourself and have Safe Sex The purpose of this paper is to give people information on the advantages, disadvantages and different forms of safe sex. This paper is done for the purpose of preventing STDs (sexually transmitted diseases), not for the purpose of birth control. This gives you different ways to still enjoy sex as you normally would, but with some different and somewhat unusual changes. Some may find this appealing and some may find it hideous. The options are up

  • Week 6 Report Out-HIV Risk Reduction

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    desirable, and many questions have been left unanswered. This could result in the possibility of a reemerging community epidemic. The study hypothesized that the abstinence group would report less sexual intercourse than the control group and the safe sex group would report more condom use (Jemmott et al., 1998). The independent variables used in this study were instruction about abstinence and condom use. The dependent variable is the lowered unsafe sexual practices or lowered HIV risk. This blind

  • Against Condoms in School Debate Paper

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    astounds me. I cannot believe this action was even considered. I will name a few points that I believe are the most prominent and powerful arguments for my case. Firstly, the free condoms DO encourage kids to have sex. Now, I am not so naïve as to assume that teenagers wont have sex or will wait until they are married. However, I hope that others are not so naïve as to think that free condoms wont encourage it. Some kids are afraid to buy them. That’s a very nerve-wra...

  • The Importance of Learning Self-respect

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    On a recent visit to Europe, I had the good fortune to participate in a study tour, focusing on teenage sexuality, sex-education in the schools, the impact of the media, and parent-child communication. While teen sexual activity, pregnancy rates, HIV and STI statistics are exceedingly high in the United States; the Netherlands, Germany and France all maintain a much healthier standard. While these European teens are not only beginning sexual activity a year later than our teens, on an average, the