Teaching Teenagers About Safe Sex

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For many years now, individuals in all states have been attempting to teach teenagers about safe sex. Administrators have designed special classes and foundations worldwide in order to help out with this subject. As said by K4Health, “The term ‘condom’ first appeared in print in 1717, in an English publication on syphilis, although its origin still remains uncertain” (Stryker). The reason why schools should be giving teenagers condoms is because most teenagers do not tell their parents that they are sexually active. Most teenagers are more comfortable telling one of their teachers that they are really close to, or another administrator. If the parents are not aware that their child is sexually active, they will not have the educational talk with them thus resulting in the adolescent not knowing about the appropriate protection they need. In today’s society, teens, especially those in their high school years feel higher pressure from their peers to participate in sexual activity. Some individuals will have sex with only one person, while others will have sex with multiple partners which can become extremely harmful to the physical and emotional health of the teenager. These individuals believe that having sex in high school is a “popular” thing and everyone has to lose their virginity before they graduate, but it is not. With schools giving out the appropriate contraceptives, such as condoms, the teenagers will not be embarrassed walking into a store and buying what they need. They will simply receive them in their school hours free of charge and it could possibly save someone’s life. Some people think condom distribution in high schools should not be required because it will be perceived as giving the child permission to partic... ... middle of paper ... ... the young girl having a baby, there is a lot of responsibility to be had. The teenager has to pay for food, medicine, spend time with the baby, work to support the baby, take care of the baby, etc., but with the adolescent also wanting to get an education it seems pretty impossible. They soon drop out of school and as a result are not getting the education they need to further their life. High school is supposed to be the best four years of your life, and with the teenager dropping out of school because they have a baby, they are not getting the experience every teenager should have. If the school gives out the condoms to the teenagers, they hopefully will be smart enough to use the condom so they will not become the next teen parents. They will see how hard it is to be a teenager mother and raising a child, and they will use the condom in their sexual activities.

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