Persuasive Essay On Safe Sex Education

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Everyone knows the importance of having American students educated about sex; whether they are taught safe sex or abstinence. Safe sex education is important for people of all ages, that is why this type of education should be required for all ninth grade students across the United States for public, private, and homeschooled individuals. Abstinence is also an important lesson to be taught in life; it is the only way not to receive an STD, otherwise known as STI, as well as the only way to avoid pregnancy. Being educated at the age of ninth grade is still old enough to not be teaching it too young but, old enough to catch the majority of students before they start participating in sexual activities.
Across the United States, forty-nine percent
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Religious individuals against this teaching usually do not fully understand what their children are going to be taught. Safe sex education is about teaching adolescents how to be safe in their lives and about their developing bodies. Many of the people against sex education choose to homeschool or send their students to private school just to ensure they are taught abstinence or that sex is never even brought up in conversation. These are thousands of students who are never properly taught about the necessity of safe sex and everything else a sex education class offers for students. Students who are taught this way may not know that they have to get tested regularly, how to prevent pregnancy or even just the viable facts young adults need to know about their bodies as they develop. Student 's who are not given the opportunities of these classes are also unaware that sex is a normal part of life and that it is not something to be ashamed to talk or think about. There needs to be a way that legislation can require homeschooled and private schooled students are required to take a sex education course. Something needs to be done that allows the law to regulate a private school in this
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