Abortion In Our Modern Society

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I believe that it is a woman’s right to choose whether or not she shall have a child. The issue of abortion is widely disputed in our nation, and is considered taboo because it has to do with sex. Many people are against abortion because of religious or moral beliefs. However, most of the people who argue against abortion have no adopted children. The reality is this: if an unwanted child is born into this world, they will suffer a great deal throughout their life. Also, the abortion is performed when the child is not yet developed. Still, many persons throughout the United States consider abortion to be nothing but infanticide. Of course, there is a risk involved with abortion, but as science improves, so does the safety of such practices. There is a small chance that a woman undergoing an abortion will be subject to hemorrhage (a 1 in 14,799 chance), sepsis (a 1 in 4,722 chance), tetanus, and anemia. Such events rarely happen, though. So, besides health risks and moral and religious beliefs, abortions are a good thing for quite a few reasons.

First of all, in many scenarios, an abortion is necessary and it would be wrong not to let the mother choose an abortion. For example, if a woman is raped, is she expected to keep the child? Of course not! Even if the mother decided to have the baby and support it, for the rest of her life she will be burdened simply because she was a victim of a predator. Also, if a woman was being safe and using protection, and the protection failed, she should be given the chance to choose. Although it was partly her fault, she was being responsible for her actions and practicing safe sex. Finally, there is the circumstance under which tests prove that if the baby is born, it will be deformed or handicapped. Such a child will suffer for the rest of their life, however short it may be. Though the parents may choose to keep the child, if it will suffer physically, they might want to stop its suffering before it even starts.

Plus, not as many people misuse the practice as we may think. After all, abortions are not cheap, anywhere from $300 to $2000. Surgical abortion in or before the first trimester can be performed by either menstrual extraction or vacuum aspiration.

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