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  • How The Tape Recorder And Their Impact On Society

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    overall it truly helps us for the better. Although many people may not agree that the tape recorder is one of the most important, I believe that is has had one of the most impacts on our society. The rise of the tape recorder made its mark in 1898 when Danish inventor, Valdemar Poulsen, manufactured a device called the “Telegraphon” that recorded phone calls when the person being called was absent (“The Tape Recorder”). And since then it has grown into a much more complex and has grown in the sense of

  • Symbolism Of The American Dream

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    The wire recorder symbolizes the many material objects wealthy businessmen could provide for themselves and for their families. Howard tells Willy, “the most terrific machine I ever saw in my life.” Willy wanted this lifestyle; he wanted “something he could lay his hands on” (Miller pg. ). Being successful would not be enough; Willy wanted to be able to show people the material that he had accumulated to represent his success. The wire recorder shows that Howard has reached

  • Symbolism in Arthur Miller's Death of a Salesman

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    Salesman Arthur Miller’s play, Death of a Salesman is wrought with symbolism from the opening scene. Many symbols illustrate the themes of success and failure. They include the apartment buildings, the rubber hose, Willy’s brother Ben, the tape recorder, and the seeds for the garden. These symbols represent Willy’s attempts to be successful and his impending failure. When Willy and Linda purchased their home in Brooklyn, it seemed far removed form the city. Willy was young and strong and he

  • Brief History Of The Clarinet Essay

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    The history of the clarinet begins in 1690, Nuremberg, Germany, when a man by the name of Johann Christoph Denner, with the help of his son, Jacob, invented the clarinet. J.C. Denner was well-known and highly respected for the woodwind instruments that he made back in that time period. The clarinets that they were making/selling only had two keys and were mostly made from brass and the use of springs. The clarinets that we know and love today come from an instrument called the Chalumeau. After having

  • Wind Ensemble Concert Report

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    On October 6, I attended a Wind Ensemble in Bennett Auditorium and was delighted by the experience. All of the pieces that were played were definitely interesting, but some pieces were more enjoyable than others. When I arrived at the event I was expecting a larger audience than what I saw, however I have not gone to anything like this event before so it could possibly have been a good turnout. Overall the performers all did very well and I would definitely like to attend more concerts similar to

  • Pan Flutes In Ancient Greece

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    Pan Flutes are primitive wind instruments that consist of various vertical pipes that increase/decrease in an order. The way a panpipe is played is simply by blowing over specific tubes. The origin of panpipes or pan flutes is thought to be in ancient Greece. The name “Pan Flutes” comes from the assumed origin of Greece. From what we are knowledgeable of, these flutes are named after, and associated closely with the God Pan. Pan also went by other names like Faunus and the roman name Panas. Pan

  • Bob Knowlton: An Unhealthy Feelings About Fester

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    Bob Knowlton Finding Fact #1 Upon meeting him, Bob Knowlton had an uneasy feeling about Fester. Already uncomfortable with Fester, Knowlton finds out from the head of the laboratory, Jerrold, that Fester would be joining his team. Rather than confiding in his superior, Knowlton ignores his feelings. Recommendation #1 Before Fester came into the picture Knowlton described himself as stable, confident, and effective just alike the book describes as someone who is the most emotionally stable (Hellriegel

  • An Inside Look at Irish Music

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    Ireland The history of Irish music has been influenced by the political fluctuation within the country. Traditional music is handed down from generation to generation. Today, Irish music is a living tradition with variations of many musicians. Irish folk music is the music and song in the national heritage. Although it is not only about the Irish traditional music, but it is also about the folk, rock, punk and other genres of music in Ireland. Irish music is so important to our culture because Irish

  • Comparing Dance Macabre And Night On A Bare Mountain

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    A Comparison of Dance Macabre and Night On A Bare Mountain Programme Music is a piece of music which can describe something. It has many advantages in a way because you could be looking at an image or words I.e. (a poem) and it can instantly interpret through the various types of musical instruments (Strings, Percussion, Woodwind & Brass) what you are reading or looking at. This can be done by varying the usage of tempo, rhythm, pitch, melody, accompaniment, & dynamics

  • Theme expressed in Tape by Jose Rivera

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    is a short ten minute play by Jose Rivera. It’s a play that only has two characters, a Person and an Attendant. It takes place in a small dark room with no windows and only one door. Inside the room are a chair and a table with a reel-to-reel tape recorder and a glass and pitcher of water. This play is about a Person who is brought to the small room by the Attendant to listen to every lie the Person has told in life. Every single lie was recorded and now it’s time that the Person gets to listen to

  • Multi Track History

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    60s Research Document 4.1.1,2 History and development of the Multitrack Recorder Multitrack recorders were originally developed in the early 1950s in Germany. The initial principle of multitracks was to divide a tape in two parts and record different sounds onto each and play them back concurrently. The fact that both tracks would be on the same tape would mean they would be synchronised exactly. In classical music recordings of the 1950s, the early two track machines were first used and recorded

  • Variations of the Ankle Slasher

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    Variations of the Ankle Slasher As I was growing up I remember my mom warning me about guys hiding underneath cars and cutting the back of the ankles to steal your car. She told me this so convincingly that I thought it just had to be true. I mean, why would anyone make something up like that. I have since learned that this was meant to scare me, and to help make me more aware of my surroundings. It made such an impression on me that to this day as I walk up to my car I pay attention to what

  • The Evolution of Music Technology

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    means of recording. With the invention of electricity recording became more readily available. With the invention of the tape player, MIDI, auto tune and MP3’s the music industry would not be in the place it is now without these things. Digital tape recorders have made a huge difference in the music industry. In her article "Now, Digital Records" Ann Livermore discusses digital recording “The difference between conventional and digital recording is the production process. Conventional records are copies

  • Death Of A Salesman: Symbols

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    Death of a Salesman: Symbols Many symbols are incorporated into the play "Death of a Sales man" and they in turn relate to both character and theme. The hose, tape recorder and the seeds are some of these symbols. The hose in Miller's drama directly relates to the theme of d eath. The hose is a line attached to the gas main in Willy's house which allows him to snif f the gas. This action can be seen as Willy's suicide wish, and escape from the realities of life. As seen in the loss of his job and

  • Central Park In The Dark By Charles Ives: Popular Music

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    Popular music today thrives on sampling and remixing. Sampling is when an artist or composer takes audio clips from another source and works them into his or her own composition, while remixing is taking the essential parts of a song and “re-mixing” them to create a new sound. Simply by turning on the radio, we are introduced to musical compositions with “borrowed” bits of sound. Rappers may take the basic beat from another song and layer their own lyrics on top of it, and DJs weave together hours-long

  • The Housekeeper

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    George Coverdales: Head of the Coverdale family, 57 years old, remarried Jacqueline Coverdales: George’s second wife, Children of George and Jacqueline Gilles: Son of Jacqueline Melinda: Daughter of George (Peter) Joan and Eunice Parchman : killed the Coverdales family (Eunice Parchman = illiteracy) In the beginning of the story, Jacque went to London to interview a housekeeper, called Eunice Parchman. After the short interview, Jacque was almost sure that Eunice Parchman was the exactly

  • DVD Vs. VCR

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    INTRODUCTIONThis report will strive to clearly discern the differences between the average home Video Cassette Recorder (VCR) and the recently developed Digital Video Disc (DVD) system. These two home entertainment components have very clear differences. It is important for consumers to carefully consider each of these concerns before deciding on the home entertainment component that is right for them.When considering the purchase of a home VCR or DVD system, consumers should carefully examine the

  • What Caused The Downfall Of Betamax?

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    Betamax, the evolution of the product, the demise of the product and what Sony could have done differently to make it a success. Sony introduced the first Betamax combination TV and Betamax system in 1975 and the first stand-alone video cassette recorder (VCR) in 1976 as the model SL-7200 (CED, 2006). The stand-alone unit initially sold successfully in the U.S. for $1,295.00. An optional external clock to set recording times came at the request of Sony's then CEO, Akio Morita (CED, 2006). Previous

  • The History of Sound Recording

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    The History of Sound Recording The methods used to produce, edit, and record music and sound have changed with the introduction of new sound technology. The compatibility of computer technology with music recording has led to large scale developments in computer-based systems, especially by home users. Modern computer technology in music and audio is fundamentally different in comparison to older magnetic tape recording techniques because it is digital. New computerised digital methods

  • The 80s Research Paper

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    Blue eye shadow, neon clothes, denim,scrunchies,leg warmers, and big hair are just a few things the ‘80s are known for. Many people remember the 1980s for those things, people throw dances, have spirit days at schools,and even have 80s costumes for Halloween all in honor of the 1980’s. These aren’t the only things that make up the ‘80s though. There is much more that happened during the best decade of the 20th century. You can not talk about the ‘80s without mentioning all of the amazing movies