The Importance Of Positive Psychology

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Positive psychology refers to the strength and abilities that facilitate individuals and the societies to succeed. The arena of positive psychology is created on the trust that the people and the community will have meaningful and fulfilling lives that will facilitate them in being the best among themselves. This leads to better experiences of play, love, and work. It helps in achieving a satisfactory life that is more effective which is better than treating any mental illness. It focuses on the personal growth rather than the pathology. When one finds positive psychology then, there is happiness within oneself which leads to improved ways and social ties. This revolves around spouses, family, and friends which in turn results to wider networks…show more content…
There are support groups in such institution that will lead to the encouragement of each other. This ensures that one is not struggling with matters of positive psychology. The main purpose of such am institution is to encourage and create positive strength in each individual. This is because emotional reactions are a core effect in which they are primitive and they are constantly experiencing but rarely acknowledged (Whitney et al, 20). This creates positive emotions to the individual which in return facilitates the elimination of negative energy. In this institution, they blend both pleasant and unpleasant emotions and activating and deactivating such emotions that every individual carry almost for a lifetime and at most to the unconscious levels (Mozdzierz& Rowena, 375).
Social and behavioral sciences play a very important role in the individual and community life. This sciences tend to articulate am understandable and an attractive vision in the wellbeing of the individuals (Asebedo & Martin, 55). This plays a great role in enhancing positive psychology that helps the family to flourish. This is enhanced by making a great satisfactory decision that leads to happiness and success. This results into great and strong civil engagement that makes the individuals know their worth of
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This reviews the practical application and cross-disciplinary ways in order to deal with this (Martin & Mihaly, 8). In identifying positive psychology in an individual does not necessarily mean that the rest is negative (Gable & Haidt, 104). This is because it aims at identifying the positive side and strengthening it in order to cause a balance and also lower the other side. Although the imbalance is evident the role of Christian institution is to offer social support to the individual in order to make them realize the positive and the best part in

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