The Problem-Solution Organization: The Process Of A Problem Solution Organization

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Problem-solution organization
Problem-solution organization refers to the process of identifying a problem, analyzing it, coming up with a variety of possible viable solutions and finally choosing the best. Many organizations use either two or three organizational approach in problem solution organization. In two organizational format a problem as well as respective solution is outlined. In three organizational formats the problem, available solutions and the ideal solution are outlined. The problem-solution format is preferable for policy presentations in most organizations.
Problem: Continuous system security breaches
Solution: The organization should put in place a competent incident response team, continuously update their security
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Edwards Deming, popularized the Deming wheel also popularly known as PDCA outlining that a problem solver must follow a step-by-step approach to solving a problem. In this step-by-step approach planning is the first stage where the problem solver populates a working hypothesis on why the problem exists before advancing to develop a respective proposed solution to the problem. Implementation stage follows where actual deployment of the solution is done. Management or a trustee working in their capacity reviews the solution to determine whether the remedy addressed the problem pain point. The fourth stage is dependent on the third where the solution is institutionalized if it addresses the problem or recommendations for solution improvements are offered to initiate a fresh cycle. In our example above this may mean updating the security policy to foster recovery and business…show more content…
as well as other tangible and intangible benefits of implementing a solution.
After an ideal solution is selected and approved its execution through implementation is done to address the problem. All tasks in the implementation should be coordinated with a finite start and implementation closure deadlines as well as milestones. Program evaluation and Review (PERT) as well as Critical Path Method(CPM) are ideal to guide this stage.

Post-implementation review. This involves the verification that the solution indeed addresses the problem pain points .This is done through the evaluation of the solution versus the problem as well as the success metrics. Debriefing of the problem solvers is paramount as it engineers the lessons learnt as well as well as providing insight to a firm problem-solution organization.
Institutionalization and control.
This final stage of the problem solution organization involves documenting the lessons learnt, updating policy documents, setting new control metrics, updating manuals as well as amending job descriptions. (Advameg.Inc,
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