The Effects Of Germany: The Impact Of Nazi Germany

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World War II cannot be complete without mentioning the impact of Nazi Germany. With its quick rise to power after the horrific aftermath of Germany’s economy in World War I, it proved to the world that one didn’t need to be powerful all the time to gain all mighty power. Nazi Germany impacted the world with its mighty army regime, its cunning strategy to conquer Europe, and with its atrocities committed to ensure that the mighty “Aryan Race” would be kept pure from the “tainted Jews”. Europe would, because of this awesome rise to power, be conquered by Nazi Germany within the timespan of a mere 15 years.
1914 was one of Germany’s best years. It was Europe’s most powerful economic and military power. Because of the warfare Germany was involved in, they would have to endure four years of hell, which would eventually lead Germany’s economy to rot in the gutter. This terrible economic crisis produced a man everybody would soon know to be, Adolf Hitler. By the time 1919 came around, Hitler developed the German Worker’s Party, better known as the Nazi Party. This group promoted the strong German Pride, anti-Semitism, and the dissatisfaction of the Treaty of Versailles. Hitler found the reparations and the blaming of Germany for starting World War I unjust and unfair. His first step to fix this problem was to become the Chancellor of Germany.
Throughout the 1920s, Hitler gave speeches stating all the problems that Germany had was because of the Jews and Communists within the country. His rampant and passionate speeches took the hearts of young, economically disadvantaged Germans that were affected by the destructive aftermath of the First World War. In 1923, Hitler and his followers attempted a “putsch”, or coup d’état, on the Bavari...

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...e Wehrmacht Officers attempted to assassinate him with a bomb while he was in a meeting in his underground bunker. Germany was being attacked from all fronts. Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide. Hitler was defeated, and he knew it. To seal his fate, Hitler committed suicide with his wife, Eva, by taking Cyanide and shooting himself in the head on April 30, 1945. Not too long after this, Nazi Germany surrendered.
World War II was arguably the worst war in terms of death count. During this war alone, over 60 million people were killed, over 2.5% of the world’s population. Germany had a huge impact on Europe, mainly because it conquered almost all of it, and because of the genocide of the Jews. Once fighting for dominating Europe, then fighting for even existing. Nazi Germany took the world by heart. The last thing the world needs is another army like the Nazi Party.
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