Why Did John Winthrop Govern The Massachusetts Bay Colony

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The Puritans had a non-democratic government, they tried to escape the way English government was run, but ended up in a similar position. A democracy is a system of government in which the population are able to chose their leader through voting. John Winthrop was given the role of Governor of the Massachusetts Bay Colony, which was the first major settlement, and his original aim as governor of this land was to make the colony a democratic colony.The Massachusetts Bay Colony was a successful settlement for the English thanks to the governors and leaders the colony had they made it what it was. It is difficult to make a change , when you are not given the support of your other peers. Even though Winthrop did not succeed making the Massachusetts …show more content…

Many people at the time were not able to do this due to work, hence why he is one of the most educated people in the new colony. This was another reason why Winthrop was given the opportunity to govern the massachusetts bay colony.
“In Winthrop’s view, then, he had not in any way limited or reduced the authority of government by extending to church members a voice in the selection of the men who were to exercise the authority.”(Morgan,87) Winthrop’s government was simple, all laws were easy to understand and were able to interact with the people of the colony. What he originally aimed for is to make his colony a democracy, which it failed because the colony was still under control by the church not the people.
In conclusion Winthrop lead the Massachusetts Bay Colony down the right path, his leadership skills played a big role in the growth of the colony. It increased the size of the colony population and it brang it one step forward to being free from the church of England. Even though they ended up in a similar position as the church of england , they were able to break free from their rule and follow their own laws and religion in the new world. Although, democracy was in Winthrop’s primary target, it turned out unsuccessful but in the end it did not affect the colony financially or in any way did it hurt the

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