Virginia Colony Vs Massachusetts Bay Colony Essay

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England was beginning to discover the North America In sixteenth century by Sir Walter Raleigh. He sent two groups to discover the North America, but he failed. In seventeenth century, England established the joint stock company, that the king James I granted a charter to two such company which helped England to established colonies in North America. For example, Virginia colony and Massachusetts Bay. There are several similarities and differences in founding and development of society in Virginia and Massachusetts Bay. First, there are several similarities between them. Virginia was as same as Massachusetts Bay found in seventeenth century. Both of them were established by English. For instance, the Virginia company sent (101) men and four …show more content…

Virginia colony was founding by Virginia Company in 1607 for economic reasons. Unlike Virginia, Massachusetts Bay was founding in 1628 by Puritan’s lawyer and landowner man who wanted religious freedom as well as money. Also, Virginia was a royal colony while Massachusetts Bay was a charter colony until 1691 it became a royal colony. Also, the people of Virginia didn’t have a problem with any religious. On the other hand, the people of Massachusetts Bay were Puritans and they didn’t accept other religious. Another thing, the life in Virginia depended on tobacco. The people took about ten months between planting, tending, harvesting, and drying tobacco. So, there lives were shaped by tobacco. They didn’t settle in one place; therefore, they didn’t give attention for a permanent home and the farms usually far from the center of the village. In contrast in Massachusetts bay, because the land was rocky soil; so, that made isolated plantations based on staple crops impossible. Therefore, according to Making America book, “the colonists did their best to reproduce familiar architecture and placement of public building.” Therefore, the houses was around the village and most of the fields and farms within walking distance of the village center. So, these design set natural limits on the size of any villages. Also, Virginia colony suffered from demographic disaster because of diseases. While, the

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  • Explains that sir walter raleigh sent two groups to discover north america, but he failed. in 17th century, england established the joint stock company, that the king james i granted a charter to.
  • Explains that virginia and massachusetts bay were established by english. both had a house of burgesses and mayflower compact, and were helped by native populations.
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