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  • James Prescott Joule

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    James Prescott Joule JAMES PRESCOTT JOULE was born at Salford, near Manchester, England, on December 24, 1818. He was the second of five children born to a wealthy brewery owner. James was educated at home until he was 15. He then went to work in the family brewery However, he and his older brother continued their education part-time with private tutors in Manchester. From 1834 until 1837, they were taught chemistry, physics, the scientific method, and mathematics by the famous English

  • James Prescott Joule

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    James Prescott Joule was born December 24, in 1818. James Joule was born into the wealthy brewing family of Benjamin and Alice Joule. In 1847 James Joule married Amelia Grimes, a daughter of the Liverpool Comptroller of Customs. James Joule and Amelia had three children: Benjamin Arthur (born 1849), Alice Amelia (born 1852) and a son who died in 1854 along with his wife during child birth. In 1843 James Joule read his paper to the British Association, entitled "On the Calorific Effects

  • Lord Kelvin, or William Thomson

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    June 26, 1824 in Belfast, Ireland. His father was a prestigious mathematics professor at Glasgow University and his brother later became a professor of engineering (Webster 2). Both William Thomson and his older brother, James, were homeschooled by their father, also named James Thomson, in their early years. Their father encouraged them to discover and pursue all academic possibilities. While living on campus at Glasgow University, the family often visited the Netherlands and Germany. They were

  • History of Chemistry: The Influence of John Dalton

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    John Dalton was a renowned chemist born in Eaglesfield, England on September 6th, 1766. Dalton is known for his teachings of James Prescott Joule, the atomic theory, and Dalton’s Law of Partial Pressures. Dalton did much to contribute to the wide world of chemistry as a whole. Dalton is best known for his contribution to the modern atomic theory. Born in 1766, John Dalton faced many obstacles while studying chemistry. Although many obstacles were faced, Dalton still achieved becoming one of the best

  • Case Study Of Food Container

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    the same time. There are also different sizes of food containers. The storage of food started a long time ago. According to James Tolboe, 2015, storage of food started in the times of the ancient Egyptians, Mayans and, Greeks. Through their techniques, they were able to preserve food and the people of today adopted these