History of Chemistry: The Influence of John Dalton

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John Dalton was a renowned chemist born in Eaglesfield, England on September 6th, 1766. Dalton is known for his teachings of James Prescott Joule, the atomic theory, and Dalton’s Law of Partial Pressures. Dalton did much to contribute to the wide world of chemistry as a whole. Dalton is best known for his contribution to the modern atomic theory. Born in 1766, John Dalton faced many obstacles while studying chemistry. Although many obstacles were faced, Dalton still achieved becoming one of the best known chemists of all time. Before John Dalton, the majority of people did not understand the makeup of an element and why it could be held together. But Dalton came up with the modern atomic theory, explaining the basics of atoms. And also opening many doors to boundless amounts of research on the atom.
The idea that all matter is made up of small particles dates back to the 5th century where philosophers such as Leucippus and Democritus studied these particles. During this time atoms were thought to be too small to be seen, unchangeable, and indestructible. They came to the conclusion that atoms were solid and had no internal structure. This findings were the building blocks that Dalton used to base his modern atomic theory on. Without these philosophers Dalton may not have had an interest in the atom.
Although this idea has been around for centuries, ideas against the atomic theory have been around just as long. The philosopher Aristotle, argued against the existence of atoms all together. Roman Catholic theologians during the Middle Ages in Europe also backed up the argument of Aristotle. Overall, the atomic theory has been an on going argument for many centuries and is still being tested today.
Then, in 1808 John Dalton came ...

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...arch so many different theories and laws to test the consistency of the atom. Before Dalton, philosophers didn’t even know that atoms could be seen. With John Daltons discoveries we have been allowed to better understand the atom and all of the crucial elements that are combined to make it up. With this knowledge we have been able to understand the difference between a liquid, solid, and gas. If we have so recently been able to understand all of this new information, there is no telling what the future may hold for the research of the atom.
In conclusion, John Dalton is such an important figure in the world of chemistry. Without him we would not be where we are today. And scientists could not study what they have and are studying in our society today. Scientists all over are fortunate to be able to further study the same items that John Dalton studied so long ago
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